Humorous but True
Something which is considered as a boon is also a bane for humans.

Question Analysis for May 3


  1. This quality is not limited to the framework of flesh and blood:


Sacrifice and empathy sometimes. These two qualities are not restricted to flesh and blood only. To sacrifice or to empathize requires a lot more than physical strength and pain.


  1. Endless silence of …


Apart from the ocean all other options like eternal death, joyful piece, space and cry for help aren’t that dangerous or harmful. We often see these things in our life. But have you ever imagined standing in front of a silent ocean which is ready to charge due to a menacing storm? Scary right...! That’s the only thing I can think of.


  1. Conflicts cause differences …


Between people and also in faith. A small conflict can lead to major destruction which you cannot even think of. Further to the issues, conflicts can cause distrust amongst people. If this happens between two teammates, then the performance would surely go for a toss. I wonder if their boss had majored in conflict management.


  1. The human race has a gift to…


All the above. Humans have the power to think, understand and create something new. But in the process, they can destroy and ruin other things too. Well, something which is considered as a boon is also a bane for humans.


  1. Funny and extravagant …


I will share my opinion here and people may oppose. Of all these things, I guess excessive self-confidence only sounds funny and is pulling back factor for any person.


  1. The power of the human is in …


Only human beings can do wonders as I said earlier. Whatever God had started long back is now led by humans in terms of development, technology, techniques, AI, etc. Humanity and intelligence are the most powerful elements human can possess.


  1. The whole history of mankind:


I don’t want to be audacious in my words. Hence, I will choose violence over wars. War is not the only source of violence. We have and are still experiencing violence in all possible ways across the globe. History surely has great inventions but I guess more than that it is filled with barbarity.


  1. So what is the Motherland?


NOTA. Motherland is something more than all these. I will simply use a quote to explain it. “Anyone who betrays his motherland shall inevitably fall into the abyss of eternal sin and shame.”


  1. Humanity …


Sounds humorous but true. It is a pack that can never rest or attain pleasure without any sacrifice in life. I’m sure that all of us are not the same. But a few possess this great and spiritual trait.


  1. The life of a conservative person is…


A person with a traditional and old-fashioned mindset would stick to the lifestyle of a big family. He may not get involved in two vices at the same time.


  1. Deprive: the right to vote or the right to silence?


I say blind justice. Right to vote and right to silence are individual rights and should be left to them. It is the individual responsibility to use them wisely. Whereas justice, I feel all possible versions have to be heard before we follow blind procedures. You never know whether the accused is actually guilty or not.


  1. The verb that is most associated with the concept of "life".


Move. You may build trust, allow life to have a second chance, share joys and sorrows, at the end of the day life has to move on. You can’t be stuck in your past or present. Moving towards the future is a continuous process.


  1. In pursuit of progress, we …


This depends on the individual. Either you can forget who you are or learn and become stronger. But a few will lose humanity. “Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction”. The quote says it all.


  1. Integrity - …


I feel disheartened to say this, however, let me tell you all, integrity is for sale in our time. Who got us into such a situation? Are we searching for an answer? Please don’t as it is “us”. We ourselves are digging our own graves.


  1. Talking about people …


I’ll try to look at the brighter side of this. It will help us increase our emotional intelligence. You need to talk to people to understand and study their emotional pattern, not talking about them to somebody else.

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