The Pain of Saying Goodbye
More love wouldn’t harm anyone!

Question Analysis for May 20

  1. Association with the word ‘forest’:

It can be dark, mystical, always hiding something behind those trees… Fear would be the most appropriate choice.

  1. Association with the word ‘belt’:

I could not relate belt to any of those words except for leather. I am even wondering why some of those words are on the list, like laughter, for example. Maybe I can’t see the connection.

  1. We should have more … in life.

More love wouldn’t harm anyone! On the contrary, it will make our lives much better, richer and happier.

  1. How do women bond with men?

By asking questions and more importantly, by learning their answers.

  1. Love is measured by …

…The Pain of Saying Goodbye. Saying goodbye to someone you love breaks your heart into pieces, no matter if this goodbye is forever or “until next time”.

  1. Meanness…

…cooperates with fear. People are mean to those who threaten to “steal” their position, whether it is at work, in a relationship, or in any other situation; meanness is some kind of strange defense system against our fear of being replaced.

  1. What makes a man a slave?

Authority can make a man become a slave, literally. But attachment to wealth and the constant striving for earning more money (usually more than we actually need) is what makes men become slaves of their own.

  1. Which of the words did you notice first?

Forever. Something we would all like to have, but it almost never happens.

  1. Attachment …

Hum… Confusing options, I would say. They are all representing attachment as something negative and undesirable. But there are nice and enlightening attachments as well, attachments that can make you happy and fulfilled. Still, after breaking or losing an attachment like these, there is usually a period of suffering and pain, so perhaps the only appropriate answer from those offered would be “a trap escaping from which you feel pain and suffer loses”.

  1. Not to love anyone …

…is one of the most stupid things a person can do. Not loving anyone is depriving oneself of moments of happiness and affection, from the feeling of the heart being full but yet so light and bright. No pain after losing love can delete the moments of happiness for loving and being loved before.

  1. They laugh because they understand that we need to laugh at everything or this way the world will not drive you crazy?

We don’t have to and we should not laugh at everything, but laughter is a great medicine against going crazy because of all those bad and unfair things happening around us.

  1. For you sport is an opportunity to:

Compete. That is my first association. Of course, it can be competing against others, or against our personal limits!

  1. The main causes of war:

Lust for glory and wealth! Any other reason for starting a war is just a lousy excuse.

  1. What is weakness?

I wouldn’t classify admitting a defeat as a weakness. It’s more like accepting the reality. I believe the lack of unity is the biggest weakness among the remaining options. Disagreements within a group of any kind can be devastating and destroy it in a very short time.

  1. Rivalry …

…can last a lifetime and connect people no less closely than friendship. I could not agree more. Our biggest rival can be the person we know the most about.

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Dec 31, 1969
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