Are you ready for a new competition? Then go ahead!
DB Advisors Team wishes good luck to all participants of the tournament!
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Good news for you, Advisors!


Starting today, DB Advisors is launching a new tournament AveHum  (Average Human) that will last one survey day.

Only owners of Supreme'15 (x2; x4) packages can participate in the tournament. An additional Average* rating for Supreme'15 was created as part of the competition.


In order to win in the tournament, participants must make an effort to get into the Top 5 of the Average rating in the Supreme'15 debates. Participants of the competition will be able to monitor their position in the rating of the tournament in real time. The winners will be announced on Monday, on May 20th after counting the results of the survey! The total Prize Fund of the tournament is $1200.


We present to your attention information about the distribution of the Prize Fund:


1st place: $500

2nd place: $300

3rd place: $250

4th place: $100

5th place: $50



DB Advisors team wishes good luck to all participants of the tournament!


*Average rating shows the position of the website participants compared to the average result in the debates. Your position in the Average rating is affected by the coefficient you have scored. The participant who took the first place scored the coefficient closest to the average.


You can find the list of AveHum tournament winners in this article.



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