A Sign of A Mature Personality
Changes are necessary and essential for adapting to life and for surviving into this world.

Question Analysis for May 16

  1. Laughter:

It’s in our nature. A smile can be forced and acted, but not laughter. Laughter comes from our heart.

  1. Bow…

I would normally say surprise, but since it’s not on the list, the next association is accessory, i.e. wardrobe.

  1. Midge…

Force! It’s something so small and so strong and persistent that it can hurt people badly.

  1. Screen:

Choosing between lie and bustle, as they are both near the truth. However, I think it’s more about bustle, a lot of action and excitement, though it’s often forced and false.

  1. Association with today:

Mostly failure. People are failing to preserve this world and to preserve humanity before everything else.

  1. The most common desire – …

To be better than our parents should be our guideline in life, something normal and expected. It doesn’t mean we think our parents were not good enough. It’s just the desire to be even better than they were, like when the student becomes the master. This way we can realize at least two more things from the list – be good and earn a lot.

  1. What does a person ultimately love: his desires or the desired?

The desire, of course. Unless they wait for it for so long that it doesn’t make them happy anymore.

  1. Self-restriction - …

A sign of a mature personality. Being able to determine when something can or can’t be done, being able to determine when to stop.

  1. Women become attached to men who know how to…

I’m going to speak for myself here and say – always be there. This includes all the rest.

  1. A woman should be…

…respected before anything else! It’s so simple and necessary. Women are not puppets or servants!

  1. In your opinion, what kind of women tend to be more loyal: brunette or blonde?

Hair color has nothing to do with loyalty! It’s a matter of personality and character. However, I’m pretty sure blond will get a lot of votes on this one because of some stereotypes.

  1. Death of a human - …

A great loss for those who loved this person, but death is before everything else a whim of nature.

  1. You…

…care… about a lot of things and people in my life.

  1. If you are bored, …

…you need to try to change something, yourself or the environment. Leaving irrevocably is not always possible or desirable.

  1. Permanence - …

…is not good at all. Changes are necessary and essential for adapting to life and for surviving into this world.

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