A Component of Luck


Added 17.05.2019

Question Analysis for May 15

  1. What quality fails a person?

Probably openness. Once a person has been betrayed or hurt, they will be more careful in the future and will not open themselves to others so easily.

  1. To succeed, the actress must have ...

First of all, a successful actress must have a skin of a rhino and ignore all the negative and mean comments she will get, especially nowadays when people on social media can destroy someone in a minute. As for the other virtues, they are desirable, of course, but not necessary. There are so many famous and popular actresses that are thick madams, or not so talented, and eventually, not so bright.

  1. If you want success, forget about ...

I think success has nothing to do with beauty in this context. I can’t see how someone can lose their beauty if they are successful. When I think of people who are successful in what they do, what they had to sacrifice in most cases is, unfortunately, their family. They don’t have it at all or spend so little time with them.

  1. The principle of success:

The two statements about borrowing money sound so funny! I may be wrong, but I wouldn’t say they are truthful. I wouldn’t agree with the one about alcohol either. I mean, drinking alcohol doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get drunk and make something stupid or inappropriate. And finally, never getting a partner you don’t want to hug may be good advice, no matter if it is about a romantic, friendly, or a business relationship.

  1. Don't let success be filled with feeling of...

…solitude. No success is worth if you don’t have someone to share it with. Someone who cares about you, someone you care about.

  1. Association with the word success:

Hypocrisy. A lot of it and in both directions – from and towards the successful person.

  1. To be successful in the society, one needs to ...

…be smart. That would be the logical and the justified way of becoming successful, but there are so many examples where rich friends are the key to success.

  1. Success…

…is knowledge of how to deal with different people, different characters, different situations.

  1. Success causes...

…envy from the environment.

  1. If you want to succeed, avoid this blemish:

Fear and indecision can hinder you from becoming successful, but not as much as laziness.

  1. You succeed if ...

Normally, I would say “if you are not a slave to time”. But when I saw the “get up in the morning” option, I realized it’s the biggest success of them all – being alive, day after day.

  1. What is success for you?

Mostly, a component of luck. You may have a talent and work a lot, but if your luck is not working for you, you will eventually fail to succeed.

  1. What leads to ideas?

All of the above, absolutely. Self-criticism, staying in touch with reality and having a vision for the future are also needed.

  1. The component of success:

Persistence. Keep trying even when it all looks impossible.

  1. Success...

…lasts until someone spoils everything. Success needs years to be built, but only a few minutes to be destroyed.

I love summer for everything!

It doesn’t matter which month of the year it is – take the summer in your soul and you can have it year-long!

The Unbearable Heat

It is not necessary for you to like each and every creation of God.

I wish I had a painting talent!

Keanu Reeves… Always so humble, pleasant, smart and with both feet on the ground.

A Spell On My Heart

Your life can be peaceful only when you choose to ignore certain things.

Subconscious mind and life

The best thing that any psychologist can do is to control someone’s behavior as in anger, anxiety, grief, etc.

Like at a friend’s house

Speaking of psychological movies, I would warmly recommend Acrimony (2018), one of the best I have seen recently.

Succeeding in all matters

Where there is life, there obviously will be death too.

The Most Important Part of The Puzzle

No matter what plans you make, you never know what tomorrow brings.