Product. People. Price. Place
Marketing is everything nowadays.

First of all, let us admit we are consumer society. Yeah, we are, we earn a lot of money to spend them for higher quality life and if you ever consider having your own business the article would have a value for you.

Marketing is everything nowadays.

According to Wikipedia marketing has boring and complicated definition You can check it if you want. I would say it in easier words for you: “Marketing is a science (or art) to offer a wanted product by wanted price in wanted place in order to get a certain income”.

One of the main and basic principles of marketing is 4P: Product, People, Price, Place.


A very important part of everything is to know what product or service to offer people. You can contrive the most innovative thing ever, but if you do not know how to engage it with your product or service, it can go to gather dust on the shelf.

Therefore, we should have a wanted product. Wanted by shape, design, functions etc.


Here you go, you have a product. Next what you need is people who would buy it. The most interesting part is to select people right for future advertising.

For example, we are selling expensive cars. Who are those people who buy an expensive car? What do they do? What do they want? Where do they have holidays and eat lunch?

“Oh, and why do we need all that?” – You might ask. Well, it is needed for the information to find a customer. How do you think advertising gets to you? If you have holidays in a specific place, the advertising should be there for you, if you eat in a specific restaurant, then our booklet should be on your table.


Well, now we know what to sell and who will buy it. There is a small problem, we should offer a price that will give us an income and at the same time, people would still buy our product by that price.

Hard, yeah? We have one more detail to add.


If we do have a product, people and price, but the wrong place – we are done with our business. We should think if our customers are ready to buy our product online or offline, where should the shop be located and how to make a website simple in use.

If you ever thought about running your own business, you definitely need to think about marketing strategy a lot. However, this article gives you the first tips you should think about. And if you easily can describe 4Ps: what is your product, who is your product for, what is the price for your product and what is the right place, give it a shot!

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Dec 31, 1969
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