Learning to Believe or Learning to Forgive
Learning to resist people who are there to make use of you or hurt you will make your life easier.

Question Analysis for May 14th

  1. Forgiveness

…is a chance to cleanse your soul. If you are the one who needs to be forgiven, forgiveness can ease your soul and consciousness. If you are the one forgiving, it can help you clear your mind and move on eventually. Of course, it’s not always the case.

  1. If you are angry, ...

Forgive after a while, but do not forget!

  1. In a world full of hatred, you need to be able to...

…forgive, but also determine if someone deserves to be forgiven at all.

  1. A real generosity is...

…a very big rarity, as in most cases, when people are being generous, they actually have some hidden goal or intention, like getting a favor back later or promoting themselves (think of all those celebrities, but also common people who show their “generosity” in front of dozens of cameras or to get a few more followers). Helping someone only for the sake of helping is really rare.

  1. The living ones ...

They are all of these. But most of all, they lie.

  1. What is more important: learning to believe or learning to forgive?

Learning to value yourself and your time is the most important thing. Learning to resist people who are there to make use of you or hurt you will make your life easier and you probably won’t need to forgive or to believe and be betrayed.

  1. Ability to forgive is ...

..the property of the strong. Only strong people are able to forgive, get up on their feet and move on with their lives.

  1. If you were allowed to change only one thing in the world, what would it be?

I don’t have to think about this question! Canceling all diseases would save so many people from pain and suffering!

  1. If the work is completed, everything is said and everything is done, what would be wished more - conversations or deeds?

Not sure if this is about some formal work or said in general, but deed sounds like a better choice. Determining every detail would be nice.

  1. I am…

A life. Just as anyone else around. Each one of us has his unique story that makes him more than just an ordinary man, or just another human.

  1. Are you the body or something else?

We are not just bodies. We have a mindset; we have a soul. We are a collection of everything that has happened to us and around us. But are we empty at the same time? I don’t think so. That is too individual.

  1. Is loneliness to be left alone with oneself or is it when are not understood?

Loneliness is when you are not understood or supported by anyone. You can be surrounded by people, but if no single one of them cares about you or tries to understand your feelings or thoughts, you are lonely and abandoned by everyone.

  1. What are you looking for outside?

Shortly, happiness. And happiness can be a lot of things.

  1. What is morally right?

It is true that something is considered immoral if it crosses the generally accepted moral boundaries, but those boundaries are not always moral, ironically. I believe morally right is anything that your conscience approves. We all have different limits.

  1. Can we perceive the world objectively?

No, we can’t. Perhaps only an inanimate device can do it. Humans are too involved in this world to perceive it objectively. We will always try to see things from the point of view that goes in our favor.

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