How many times have you fallen in love?
Don’t just fall in love, rise in love!

A love - Overview

I think Love is a vague word. It is difficult to understand and more difficult to define or describe. But let me make an attempt to define it. I think love is a selfless feeling for someone or something. You love your mom. You love your boyfriend. Perhaps, you love dancing. All of these three things are different in nature but have a thing in common. You are more concerned about someone or something and not just about yourself. For instance, when you are dancing or doing things you love, you tend to forget who you are and what you are going through in life. You just enjoy the moment. You are there, but you aren’t concerned about yourself anymore.

The Romantic Love

Now, you can classify love into different types depending on the person or things you love. It will be difficult to go through all the different types of love. So, as the article suggests let's focus on ‘romantic love’ only. Basically, romantic love happens between people of two opposite sex, in most of the cases. 

Tell me something very honestly?

How many times have you fallen in love?

Be it, a one-sided love or a mutually confessed love, both counts. I guess, plenty of times, right? Now, can you go back and recall your first love experience? How was it? Do you still feel good about it despite all the immature stuff you did back then? I guess, when your first love commenced, you thought this person whom you loved was the love of your life, your prince charm right? What happened after that? This prince/ princess vanished or your affection towards this person gradually decreased?

A case study on Love

This happens in almost a majority of cases and this is absolutely normal. We all have read or watched some renowned love stories. For instance, let’s take the example of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. They had such a beautiful love story together but you never know if they loved someone before. And you never know, if they would love each other for the rest of life, the same way. In fact, we just know a phase of their life when they beautifully fell for each other. However, I strongly believe that there is nothing like an absolute ‘true love’.

The Love-cycle

I think the feeling of love doesn’t remain always the same. I guess, you already know the concept of depreciation.  It’s true that love decreases with time. In real life, your circumstances play a key role in the decrement of your love. Sometimes, you lose focus and you are distracted. Some other times, you need space to enjoy your own company when you are fed up with everything happening around you and a lot of other stuff act as key factors for this decrement in love. Ultimately, these factors bring change to your mindset and you no longer want this love. After a certain time, you recover and crave for love again. To your surprise, something magical happens one more time, as you know.


Love and relationship are two different things. When you agree to commit with the person you love at a mutual level, you are in a relationship. Not all the relationships last short. Some go longer. Some other relationships are converted into successful marriage and go life-long. It is the fortune but remembers that fortune always favors the brave. It is compromise, understanding, sacrifices, respect and mutual support that builds up the strong foundation of love. Don’t just fall in love, rise in love!   


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Dec 31, 1969
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