Here it goes, advertising!
It is always good to know what and how something affects your body.

Have you ever thought about advertising and hidden propaganda?

I have seen “That sugar film” movie recently. And thought about how easy it is to fool us by advertising and promises which are not actually promises. How can we keep being unsuspecting people after all that crap advertising?

I do remember how shocked I was after I found out that smoking has been recommended to pregnant women in 60s! Moreover, it was a few years campaign.

If you think it is possible to fool people in 60s, but now we do have the Internet and know everything. You cannot be more wrong! All those “non-gmo”, “nano”, “innovation” etc. are mostly fake labels to make you buy the product and it is understandable.

There are too many similar products nowadays. No monopoly exists. Well, there is monopoly, but in certain products and usually it is at the government level. There is no monopoly for real human’s products. However, how should simple people choose what to buy? Of course, they need help. Here it goes, advertising!

But how to make a right advertising to make your product wanted? Surely, add more words that are complicated or tell us the product has been approved by important institution.

I am glad that people started to be warned about movies like “That sugar film”. It is always good to know what and how something affects your body. Moreover, I was really surprised that such big stars as Hugh Jackman and Stephen Fry are in the movie. As far as I know, the director of the movie was hoping for acting of such stars to attract people who usually are not interested in documentary type of movies. Well done, I bet many people watched it because of Jackman or Fry.

I know it is only one documentary movie of many. This one has really impressed me, and I definitely recommend you to watch it if you have not seen that movie yet. Be careful and do check the ingredients part on the backside of food products!

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Dec 31, 1969
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