What I Have, And What Others Have?
A victim needs no justification in any case.

Question Analysis for May 10


  1. You will not hide from people:

Personally, I couldn’t hide any of those. If I love someone, or if I strongly dislike someone, those people will surely see it through my behavior and body language. Those things could barely be hidden, as we are giving signs of them unconsciously as well, but still, sometimes people do try to hide them.

Cough can be hidden if you don’t have direct contact with people, but it would be nice to tell them if you do, as it could be a sign of contagious disease.

And about the fire… no matter where it is, hiding it is a big no! And this would be my answer here.


  1. To be a…

I have the impression that everyone wants to be a singer lately. So many singing competitions, so many talents show where more than 50% of the participants are singing, so many instant singing “stars” that come and go within a couple of weeks… On the other hand, Instagram has brought us hundreds of thousands of self-proclaimed models. Producer, screenwriter or movie director seems to be less popular professions, and the reason may be that they require a lot more effort to succeed and get publicity.

As for me, I would choose to be a screenwriter, but I think most people will choose the singer. After all, we have all sang in the shower, right?


  1. The secret of great excellence is …

…in trying to be careful in your decisions. Always making your decisions carefully and thinking twice before you act.


  1. Evil hatred is …

…the lowest form of personality, the moment when a person stops behaving like a human and starts acting like a predator, like a beast.


  1. Life is too …

…short, in the first place. It sounds like a phrase, but life is too short, indeed. Though it can be so unfair at times!


  1. It is most difficult to keep the promises that you gave yourself or someone?

I’m not sure why, but promises given to ourselves (in front of a mirror or not) are those that are the most difficult to be kept. I’m not doing the same mistake again; I’ll start my diet tomorrow; I’ll quit smoking next week; I’ll start saving more money from my next payment; I will spend more time with my family… The list can go on till infinity.


  1. Life - …

…could be hope. Hope for better tomorrow, for fulfilling our dreams.


  1. Who needs justification: the victim or the robber?

A victim needs no justification in any case, even if they attack or hurt the robber during the robbery. The robber, on the other hand, could offer a justification, but it doesn’t mean it will be justified. “The robber” is my answer here.


  1. What is peace?

Light. Something bright and calming, a heavenly feeling.


  1. Lying …

…is often a need, as much as it can mean a loss of love and loved ones. Still, it is more like a need, at least the little white lies that can bright people’s day.


  1. All of us have enough …

… failures, and would probably want to succeed more instead, whatever we do.


  1. What quality does the artist and the sniper have in common?

Interesting question. I have never thought of comparing those two. But now when I do, I believe it would be meticulousness – both have to pay close attention to details and plan carefully whatever they do.


  1. Most people in society …

I wouldn’t say that most people contrast, as today most people copy each other, do what the majority does.

Accumulate contradictions – it could be. People tend to just gather different information without sorting what is true and what is just a lie or a gossip. This prevents them from forming their own opinion for a particular topic, which brings me again to my previous statement – people just do what the majority does, without thinking if it is good or not.

Compare – yes, and most often, the question is “What I Have, And What Others Have?”.

Most people can’t see the big picture – this is so true and so sad. They are only interested in what happens here and now, without seeing the negative effects their actions have on our own future or to other people. This option is my choice here.


  1. Someone is…

Someone can be cruel or heartless. But someone cannot be good and with an evil soul at the same time. A person is either good or evil.

However, some people can be immortal, figuratively speaking, of course. History and legends have the power to make people immortal.


  1. Which word did you notice first?

Coffee! Does someone want a cup?

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