Reel Life Love and Real Life Love
Once it’s over, it’s really over!

The rustic simple and natural looking candlelight which illuminates the atmosphere around two love birds who have to drown their souls for the sake of being with their true love, the blooming roses, the beaming faces showing pure happiness and a million wishes they dream of fulfilling through their togetherness. Not to forget the gorgeous and elegant outfits worn by the two, my oh my! And the way they are able to spend on many different places each time they go on a date or a trip, how they face life-threatening situations and yet unite as one and how they keep smiling through the bills and milk spills by their babies and the sudden music played every time they show or make love and the beautiful never tiring faces without the blemishes and flaws. All these sound so good to be true, yet we all know reality isn’t this way. We face these exact moments but with a different attitude towards it.

Reel life love is a sugar-coated lollipop. Once it’s over, it’s really over! Real life love stories are seeds that transform into stronger bonds, better and stronger than before that happens only if we want to grow that seed in us.

Some of us go deep inside these drama series, movies, etc. and wonder ‘Oh, I can’t I have a love like that’. Though we know all these are manmade up friction and tales to entertain, yet we let ourselves to dwell into those dialogue lines and rehearsed scenes. We chose to like it because it is well presented and the people acting in are well-dressed and those attractive bodies just keep your eyes hooked to them. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Though, it’s a good thing to admire the beautiful, but we need to learn to admire the inner beauty of our real-life partner as well. Real life situations are unexpected and so is your love. You have been given a heart and taken a heart to keep safe through all obstacles and disastrous moments in life. Now that kind of love is the best kind of love. Beauty fades and time doesn't wait or realize what type of affection shown is the real form of it.

It’s a very natural state when at the beginning of being new lovers, you often show your affection and give 100% of your attention but as time flows and as you unite and grow into a family every little thing related to love, to work and to your kids will require all your attention, and it’s not an easy thing to give an equal amount to all. We try to be just and equal, so we don’t leave anything behind, but in between of fulfilling these, we just forget to pass a simple smile while our partner walks by.

Now, for instance, me and my husband both work on businesses, and also we look after our kids and our home. There are plenty of times when we pass by each other, and we don’t even look at our faces; we just want to finish up our tasks on time, so nothing is left undone. But does that mean we don’t love each other? Oh, no, it doesn’t. It’s only because of love that we are together, it’s because we care, we try to do our duties to the best of our abilities. And kids and babies in most movies are so well-behaved, they instantly listen to their parents first NO! But in the real world, every parent knows how big of a problem it is to hush up a child who is been whining to get something they obviously don’t need. But the moment we lay our sight on a businessman or an ordinary office clerk who works, then comes home and shows extra love and care for his wife and helps to look after the kids, we feel so happy just looking at it we envy those.

Envying something that isn’t real won’t help the building blocks in your life. Instead, if you take it too far, all might come crashing down, and yes nowadays both partners help to look after kids but certain moods of a child will make him/her to not want to stay with daddy and be with mummy, and it’s the reverse on other days. So know where to draw the line. It’s beautiful, it’s an eye-locking story with juicy mysteries. So put the full stop when it finishes. Never compare a reel life partner to a real-life partner. Reel lives are well-prepared to hit the box office or run as the topmost watched on television rates. True real life partners will never leave you and your story will never end. Even until your last breath your love will be growing.

Real love doesn't meet you at your best, it meets you in your mess, to clean you and redefine you into the best.

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Dec 31, 1969
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