Spend time with your kids
I'm a mother and why the hell should someone come and remind me of my role?

Today, I would like to share my personal view on a sensitive issue. This is about spending time with your children. What do you all say? Is it important or mandatory? I say it is compulsory. Firstly, I understand that working parents may not get ample amount of time to spend with their children. They try to make it up on weekends and vacations. I respect those parents who utilize time effectively.

Now let’s move on to the second section. Either of them stays at home and looks after their family and children. Staying at home is also not an easy task and requires two hundred percent physical strength when compared to those who go to work. But the best reward you get here is spending more time with your kids. How many of us are actually spending quality time with them? I’m not utilizing it properly too. I regret and feel bad sometimes but still, my daily schedule remains the same.

I don’t understand why I cannot go back and rearrange my to-do list so that there is certainly time for me to sit and watch my kids play, learn or fight. Likewise, many parents realize, but do not rectify their mistake. On top of that, we try to find excuses to cover up our sins. We say we were busy with household chores, going to the supermarket, preparing food, etc. For a woman who does this work on a daily basis, it wouldn’t occupy much of her time.

Melancholic part of it is that we watch few videos on parenthood and cry for some time. Later we wipe off our face and go back to normal. I do the same and something had changed my insight towards my children. I felt bad, I'm a mother and why the hell should someone come and remind me of my role? Can’t I do it oppositely? To all the parents I request you, please, spend quality time with your kids. Play with them, teach everything and make them responsible citizens.

When you realize that you were busy on social networking sites and your offspring wanted your love and affection. Try to place yourself in your kids' shoes and understand their pain. They are so tender and small, they need their parents' support, love, care and affection. We love our children and we care for them. But that isn’t enough to be a good parent. Sit and talk to them, make them talk and express everything they feel. Make them play with you and be their first friend. A good parent and child relationship can avoid many issues for your kids in the future.

There is a quote ‘In my husband, I see true love… In my children, I see pure love’. Their heart is like a white sheet and whatever you do will create a permanent mark on it. They learn from their parents. So please, lead by an example.

Much love to all children and support to all parents.

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Dec 31, 1969
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