Shades of Misery!
Wilderness has its own beauty.

Any living, breathing form of life captured, taken and thrown behind fancy bars surrounded with artificial nature isn’t a pleasant sight to observe. Zoo visits are rather disturbing! Though it’s a place that shelters many exquisite creatures, it doesn’t bring happiness to them as they are born to be free just like you and me. To see them caged, hear and feel their silent anguish cry is a heart-breaking and concerning thought. Many of our minds have gone through with at least during one certain visit to the zoo. You don’t have to examine the whole zoo to see if these animals are really comfortable living around these man-made jungles. Instead read their expressions through their eyes with yours. You will be left shell shocked if you really try this. When they look at you, they don’t mean to entertain you, they need you to see the unseen through those jail bars, make you realize they need to live like you with freedom and actual happiness. Those few minutes or seconds of a stare will reveal their entire truth to you. These captivating conditions are worst for animals who are used to live in huge herds, who are kept all alone in a single cell! The stress they feel is overwhelming! These downhearted animals are deprived of their natural ways of hunting and surviving skills which leaves them all the more helpless and vulnerable to dangers in any given environment.

I say in annoyance that in reality how many of us have come into agreeing on terms that we really do not find peace in seeing living animals battling their own war of emotions and state of living inside a limited area. Thus, zoos all around the world are the most unnatural places for animals to live and breathe in.

The great animal kingdom proudly shown in numerous TV channels is not for your relaxation. It’s for your realization and observation to finally show that they are better off and comfortable living in their own natural habitats.

The animal kingdom is where they belong, the kingdom that echoes freedom through every shaking leaf of a tree! Wilderness has its own beauty. Fascinating living wonders of different kinds gifted to our world by mother nature holds the highest price tag, so don’t encourage any establishment to put up a ticket show that degrades the importance and value of life itself! It’s an absolute murder that spared a living body, but killed a lively soul.

A bitter truth quote I found from google goes as such: “Within the prison walls of every zoo sit tortured souls with empty eyes and broken spirits.”

It’s crystal clear that zoos are blindfolds that need to be removed!

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Dec 31, 1969
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