Meaningful Life
Patience and silence are two great weapons to fight and win any battle in our lives.

Question Analysis for May 1


  1. A person should …

Any person should always depend on and trust his hard work. The famous quote “hard work always pays” says it all. Self-respect is important but the trusting self is rather more important.


  1. Happiness or justice?


Happiness and justice may not be always found under the same roof. You may see it on opposite sides too. If I go ahead and say happiness is the only requisite for me, then I’m being selfish. Since that’s not me, I will always go with justice.


  1. Choose:


On what basis should I analyze these factors. Well, I want both time and quality. Anything you possess in your life both tangible and intangible should be of superior quality. This is my policy. Secondly, make effective utilization of time and succeed in your life.


  1. Weapons against the whiners…


Little hard work is surely required to deal with whiners. By hard work I meant patience. Patience and silence are two great weapons to fight and win any battle in our lives.


  1. What is beauty?


Definitely, it cannot be seen. Beauty isn’t in color, skin or anything that is external. Beauty is our selfless thoughts, actions and kind heart that craves for the wellness of others. Beauty cannot be seen with eyes; it has to be felt with our heart.


  1. What is truth?


I would try and answer this in a different way. I wouldn’t choose any definition that appears in the dictionary, but it can be seen in our daily life. Truth is something that really exists, which our generation or the present world is ignoring tremendously. Only a few who suffer a lot can understand and find the truth.


  1. What is more important: the needs of one person or the needs of the crowd?


Undoubtedly the needs of the crowd should be considered a priority. One person’s happiness can’t determine thousands of others’ destiny.


  1. Should we help everyone?


Always treat others the way you would like to be treated. Smile at them and respect them, that's the biggest help you can do in recent times. Try and help as many as you can.


  1. Should everyone have equal rights?


Obviously. There is no need to raise a question at all. Every person irrespective of certain elements should be treated equally. Every individual has the same right as others.


  1. Who would you like to be: a nervous genius or a happy fool?


A nervous genius as nervousness can slowly be conquered. And the fool can’t become genius that easily. If I can choose something else, I would say I want to be myself.


  1. What is a meaningful life?


When you understand what you were born for and you are striving towards the same, I call that as a meaningful life. In simple terms, if people remember you even after your death, then that is a meaningful life.


  1. A man without conviction is …


Let us not make it complicated. A man or any person without conviction is worthless.


  1. The world honors its …


When you want to honor something, you should always look at the base. Because that's the reason for you to be here. So the world should honor its foundations. Customs, laws or rules are all manmade, and they do change from time to time.


  1. In a dispute, you can achieve more with…


Let's say sophisticated philosophical constructions is one good option to choose. But that may not come handy in every dispute. Depending on the opponent, you should choose your style wisely. Few people can be flattered with courtesy. So you should be able to analyze the IQ level of your opponent.


  1. In a place where there should be mercy, we have … all the time.


As per my experiences so far, only misfortune can fit the bill here. Whether I will change my opinion or not depends on my future.

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Dec 31, 1969
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