Fascinating DB Advisors and Emotional Intelligence
...you can learn some handy life lessons if you go through the articles on DB Advisors which I consider to be the best part of DB Advisors.

It has only been 2 months since I joined DB Advisors, but I am already enjoying things here. Basically, I am a person who really likes to analyse a lot. I really like to dig deeper in order to get the answer of various questions.

In this regard, I found DB Advisors to be very fascinating. You have the surveys where you can predict and scale yourself in terms of emotional intelligence. Normally, I think researchers predict human behaviours through subjective judgements. The subjective judgements are later quantified using statistical tools which is crucial to draw the conclusions. On the contrary, DB Advisors is preparing people who can predict the overall subjective judgements of a large number of people which I find interesting. I guess that is why everyone here is called an advisor.

While choosing the answers in the surveys you are not just trying to find out the right answers but also trying to get into the shoes of multiple people to know how they would think. You can see the results too and identify where you did wrong or what false judgements you made in the previous surveys. This gives you an opportunity to improve your judgement capacity and helps to build your emotional intelligence.

Also, there are paid debates where you can earn through your honed skills of mass judgement. Not to miss out, the Emotional Review part of DB Advisors. It feels great to read experiences of people from different societies and countries and their daily life experiences. I can relate how varies societies can impact the psychology and lifestyle of people. Furthermore, you can learn some handy life lessons if you go through the articles on DB Advisors which I consider to be the best part of DB Advisors. There are multiple other things on DB Advisors, but the common goal of all the things is to grow the people emotionally.

This age of technology has introduced automation, digital markets, robots and machines which has reduced the necessity of human efforts. To realize the progress you can go back to 1990s and compare the technological advancements now and then. Considering this growth rate of technological advancement, I think there are a lot of unpredictable things yet to happen in next few decades. And then, if there will be something that would be the most sellable among all, it would be emotional intelligence. The capability to sense human emotions.

I am exploring a lot of things here and trying to enhance my Emotional Quotient (EQ) at the same time. I am sure you are also enjoying your journey here too. Let’s thank all the people here who have created this emotional platform and contributed to the growth and success of DB Advisors and all the advisors here.





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Dec 31, 1969
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