What is science?
Science is not just interesting, but also beautiful. In this regard, chemistry is strongly emphasized.

Science... What comes to your mind when you hear that word? Scientists with their vast knowledge, interesting and dangerous experiments, or a solid tedious theory? And what do we need science for? Why are we studying it? After all, not everyone meets The Large Hadron Collider every day, or, for example, a chromatograph. In fact, science finds its application not only in work.

First of all, let's get the facts clear, what is science? Science is an area of human activity aimed at the development and systematization of objective knowledge about reality. And here is the answer. Science is needed to understand reality. Indeed, sit back in your chair. Look around you. Whatever you saw, or even didn’t see – science has left its big mark in all this. But how? After all, science is just a set of rules. But no, my friends. Chemistry, physics, mathematics and, perhaps, some other sciences took part in everything. How? Everything around is built of substances. It's chemistry. Many of the effects surrounding us, for example, the reflection in the mirror is physics. Your device from which you read this article is nothing but programming that is built on mathematics. As you may have guessed, this article is devoted to the exact sciences. Why them? They make your brain work. Epiphany is one of the most pleasant sensations. No matter what you do, you have to "feed" your brain with science.

Science is not just interesting, but also beautiful. In this regard, chemistry is strongly emphasized. Thousands of reactions, different in their complexity and beauty. Mix ethyl alcohol and boric acid, which are sold in each pharmacy, in a small container. Set the mixture on fire. Enjoy the beautiful green flame. Yes. Science is not just a theory. These are hundreds of thousands of experiments and various observations. Not to mention cosmology... Space is something incredible! And if you can know this improbability even for a fraction of its percentage – you will be very impressed with what is there, outside our planet and galaxy.

You should understand that life is infinite teaching. A man dies when he stops learning. If you think that you do not know anything at all, do not worry. Many people envy you. You are about to make a lot of discoveries that will bring you a lot of emotions. Good luck in learning such a great thing as science!

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Dec 31, 1969
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