Part 17. On the way to the airport
The phone rang. The number is restricted. Having decided not to answer, Hans gave a start: what if this is Elizabeth?
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Taken apart in different directions, they met many years later. Having surrendered to the memories, they were extremely restrained in relation to each other, accepting that each of them has a different life.

The meeting will end, and life will continue, going on as usual.

Not having time to part with Elizabeth, Hans could not understand why he behaved this way and not otherwise? And how should he behave?

As if he drank a love potion then on the day of his acquaintance with Mary, he felt only now that it really was a potion. From a certain moment it begins to lose its former strength.


Mary is almost always there, and there is too much of her! But she can make a surprise, presenting frequent novelties, bringing changes to the relationship every time! Hans is amazed: so different, but still always interesting, his beloved wife. Oh! She had time for scripts and directing. Over the years she has honed her skills!

In their house, there are three women, so-called housekeepers, on the first floor. And another family is in a separate house - a gardener with his wife and son, Mary’s personal driver.

Once, she had a short romance with this beautiful young man. When she got tired of him, she simply said to him: “Get out!” She was not afraid of anything. It was not the first affair, with men certainly younger than her, she had over the years of their marriage. It convinced her that she is still young and beautiful, as ever. Mary spends the whole day writing scripts and working on herself. In case of publicity of her affairs, a script destined to success is prepared in advance. She never refuses anything in life.

She noticed that the driver’s gaze lingered longer than usual on her...

From the first days, she does not burden herself with caring for her daughter. She has more serious concern: to restore her chiseled figure. There was no need to restore it, though. Her skin has a wonderful turgor to this day.

their daughter spends practically all her childhood with a governess and her grandmother and grandfather, who have moved into a new home.


In her teens, Mary’s daughter was sent to a prestigious foreign school. Having rejoiced at the early marriage of her daughter, she calmed down, because meetings with her father became not very often.

Does Hans really like his daughter? Yes, very much! Near him is only she, his beautiful miniature wife! Not that horse Irene who was not comparable with Mary!

Assuming that Hans will become attached to his son, she didn’t give him any chance to talk with Tom. She was panicking that she will receive less attention. And she did it so well that no one would suspect a thing.

After school, he leaves home, and Mary does everything for this, but so imperceptibly that no one suspects her next maneuver. Tom goes to university and rents an apartment with friends. He is in another country.

Hans is faithful to her, because none of the women he meets in his life simply becomes interesting to him. His wife is trying so hard to outshine the whole world, and she succeeds! Showing warmth to his son, she distances him from his father.


Hans does flirt that’s for sure. He cannot fool nature, since it awarded the man with polygamy!

But he gets bored every time. So, a more faithful husband in the district cannot be found.

A couple of times, Mary herself sends to him her own selected "residents" to make sure once again that the great actress is the only woman in his life!

She risks to an extent. But she is a player!

Hans gets bored to death with others... He is attracted to his wife, and no one else. And he invariably returns to her.

But his son, Tom, finds the thing he wants in every woman. How does he do it?         


Will Julia and Tom ever know that Hans and Elizabeth are connected by an invisible but strong thread for many years?

Just at this moment, Julia chats with Tom through voice messages. He still holds a pause, not inviting her on a date. Let him stew in anticipation. Another beautiful woman in love with him. He is a player, like his mother. And he is amused by the obvious university teacher’s love for him. He already led a delicate friendship with a couple (or three?) teachers. Would he and Julia become a couple?


Hans' wife broke and crashed everything that came to her hand.

What else to do? Frown? Sob? Old and gone.

The arrogant Mary let herself in hot water! She did not come up with a scenario for such a situation! Anger eclipsed her mind!

There was no time left and she proceeded to the stage, which she kept in reserve as a last resort. Apparently, the moment has come. It did not work! But the woman was already unstoppable.

All the servants rushed at the noise.

Her personal driver twisted her hands, gave a lousy slap in the face, and then splashed water on her face, Hans had already left the gate.

And he called cute this disgusting witch!?

Hans does not hear or see anything. As if Hans is not here, he is overwhelmed by the expectation of meeting with Elizabeth. He decides to meet her in their hometown. She was going to visit her daughter for a while. It seems to him that she wants to meet him no less. Who knows what it seems?

The closest flight is tonight. I will have a walk through the half-forgotten places of childhood and youth! He rushes by car to the airport, as if being late. Not on the flight, but on a meeting with the one with whom you just want to be near. What's next? Life will show.

Meanwhile, on the same road, in a distance of a couple of cars, his beloved mother Irene goes to the airport to meet her namesake and biological son, Hans.

The phone rang. A restricted number. Having decided not to answer, Hans gave a start: what if this is Elizabeth?!

For a while I leave you without your heroes. Classics of the genre.

Did they manage to become yours for these 17 long and at the same time short meetings?


I myself have not decided yet: what degree of severity is assigned to Hans' injuries. Does he have any? Who knows the reason that he answered the call? And did Hans answer at all?


Be that as it may, the heroes deserve to have a little rest from me, from my emotions and rapidly developing plot.

What happens next will be decided by my inspiration, by the characters themselves and a couple of other factors.

The end of the first season.                                       

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Dec 31, 1969
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