Part 16. Ovation for the role
The father does not limit Hans in the remedies. Embarrassed by accepting any of his gifts, Mary sometimes does not even open the gift box in his presence.
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Mary is lying intricately. She doesn't want to have children at all. And she wouldn’t, if not the devouring desire to live in luxury that turned into a passion!


Mary still decided to give birth to one child, assessing this step as payment for her life today.


"Heh-heh! The price is prohibitively high for my life with the big-eared one! Oh, I got used to him so much that I will soon believe in my love for him, for my so sweet-gentle-caring man that it makes me sick! Ew! His tenderness! And the ears that burn so gross when he comes near me! Be patient, darling! Be patient! I will get rid of the cub pretending to care for the best future of his child!"- Mary was talking to herself.




Mary is coping well with the pregnancy, and smooth delivery is small solace. Besides, her chiseled figure does not suffer! Naturally, she takes care of her appearance day and night, resorting to the services of the best experts in cosmetology, dietetics... She has her own podologist and trichologist in their country.


One day Mary rubbed her little finger on her foot. In the blink of an eye, the podologist is doing her a favor.


She also flies to world-class professionals, if they are not found here, not only for the provision of services but also just for a consultation.


She swims, does aerobics, dances, does yoga... She works hard! She's not a quitter! She decorates the world with herself! The life of the big-eared, born in such a family! Unlike her…


Once Mary finds out that a close friend of Hans who was engaged in their mating contract, prescribed in the paragraph to read as follows: in the case of the violent death of Hans, she will have almost nothing. The truth came out. The friend himself says about this casually, pretending to be surprised with the fact that this is the first time Mary and Hans hear about this.


He notices something very unkind in Mary's eyes when she glares at him with a "grape gaze" when they first met. Like a predator, small but biting to death.


The friend is a little tricky: Hans trusting him as himself signs everything without reading. All the points, except this one, of course, were made by Mary. She is the initiator of the contract. Mary makes one of the few mistakes in her life also because of not re-reading the contract.


She walks around pale, figuratively speaking, while Hans' competitors threaten him. And what if?..




Tom could not have been born if Hans had not picked up the city phone: the hospital employee happily tells the excellent results of the tests of the expectant mother, who is on a three-week pregnancy.


– Honey, why did you not told me of such a great joy?


– Sorry, the surprise was ruined!


The role is played so well that it is time to give ovation. Mary is really sorry to have more than one child. If only it wasn't a boy! He'll be as gentle as his father! She is already nauseating from one source tenderness! But this time Mary was not lucky: Tom is just like his father! Her daughter is not so tender, and though she is a girl. Men's tenderness especially sickened Mary.




Yes, one missed point: Mary, telling about her past life, told Hans some rotten false, hastily invented history.

Her friends in the former country residence who were envying her beauty cruelly betrayed her. They invited her to a party and put something in her coffee.


She said that it was her only experience before Hans, and it was against her will.


In fact, it was different, you know.


She was the one who did all the nasty things to her classmates. To those who dressed better or wore expensive makeup and those who were more beautiful. She took revenge as cruelly as she could. One girl almost lost her life because of her.




Hans then thought that, after completing his training, he will surely marry this sincere little bird who has already endured so much.


We should get a fine apartment! Why do I have to go to her poor lodgings all the time?


In fact, he had no time. University, then Mary, Mary... Only at night at home, he is engaged in his difficult science.


Mary could tie him to her for 25 hours a day. But what a story to come up with about parents? And let him get bored at night! Besides, he has too much of her, Mary – the unearthly beauty!


He recalls that recently he was going to move in with Irene.


He feels ashamed towards Irene, but he drives away thoughts about her. One day he has to... And he had to, but ten years later. Obviously, Irene is not telling him something.


But what? At first, it's in Hans' head. Moves away as something relatively quickly and imperceptibly. Hans does not come back to this thought anymore.




The father does not limit Hans in the remedies. Embarrassed by accepting any of his gifts, Mary sometimes does not even open the gift box in his presence. If she does it, she does it with such care that Hans does not believe his eyes: there are still such girls!



And if she does not open... When he leaves, she runs into the room and with a kind of greedy frenzy, tears the strings of bows. If they do not give in, she tries to bite them with her teeth in a hurry.


She is so ugly in these moments! Every time she discontentedly throws gift wrapping on the floor. Bastard! Again this stupid stuff! Her appetite grows. No, this is not a defenseless sparrow any more, but a vulture.




Hans had noticed her unattractiveness on that fateful day, which I will tell you about later.


Where to find those damn scissors? Once she was in a hurry and punctured her finger. Hans then kissed her wound on her finger, and Mary grinned: he-he, if only this stupid big-eared knew the truth!


"My prude girl! A gift of fate!"- he does not cease to triumph. He is so lucky!


He does not discuss the books he has read with Mary, as he did with Irene, they do not go to the movies, they almost do not meet with friends.


They spend all their time alone.


Mary does not seek to study anywhere. She has enough of artistry and meanness in her life to achieve the desired.


– Next year you have to go to University! You're so smart!


– Yes, I always dream about it, my love!




On the same day, Mary moves to the luxurious house of Hans' parents. Parents accept her politely and with restrict. Son's choice!


The maid brings her breakfast in bed.


That’s it! The day when they began to serve her came sooner than she had imagined. She sleeps until noon. Then she does what she wants. Feeling well during pregnancy, she pretends she is sick is right up to the birth. Everyone runs in front of her, predicting her desires.


Hans’ parents do not almost communicate with her. That's good for her.




They become legal husband and wife in a month. Mary says: "You're with me, I don't need anything else!" You accept our child. This is the most important thing for me!


Hans does not take seriously the tears of his beloved. She cries almost all the time, just like a little girl. Her small eyes get wet so fast! He gently touches her turned-up nose with his finger, as if he presses the "off" button. Often after such scenes, they go for a walk, laugh for a reason and without, visit some attractions that generate adrenaline powerfully! They go abroad for a weekend, leaving little children for a governess.


They're young! Mary tries to spend more time with him, not giving him a chance to communicate with children. The deceit of possessive woman is already blooming with another even more ugly color.


Hans distracts her, paying maximum attention to her. Hans does not even have the idea that she's manipulating him. Rigidly and brutally. And the next scene is forgotten... until the next one. But not always "off" button works without failures. Perhaps less often than you want.


– I’m leaving you!


Hans says this phrase not fully understanding that it comes out of his mouth.


He's actually leaving her. Not so much to Julia. But from her, who he got used to so much. There's always something there, always, something that is hardly subtle. But something gnawing as a worm. Not particularly fast, but with skill, drilling the way.


He remembered the spring, when he dreamed of the March forest, in which he had woken up.


Those eyes that never left his memory! He doesn't really want to go home that Sunday.


And now the meeting in reality. Meeting not with the young Elizabeth, but with prosperous businesswoman, who became even more attractive, which he managed to give only two bouquets with chrysanthemums for his entire life.


Her magnetism affects Hans seriously. Oh! This unforgettable glance of deep blue eyes!


Already a mature man was attracted to someone? An echo of youthful sympathy, frozen by fate, and now melted and turned into...


What to call what Hans was experiencing now?


Why do we need questions and arguments?


Hans simply wants to be near Elizabeth. That’s and all!


Or he really wants to be away from Mary?


He feels absolutely different about Elizabeth, everything seems to be fine, and in fact...


With Mary, Hans was catching something subtle in his life, but he never caught it.


And Elizabeth is easy and simple. Such serenity!


To be continued…

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Dec 31, 1969
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