Part 15. And the next day she disappears ...
Until that day, it seemed to Hans that Mary was living in expectation of something very important. How right he was!

Hans is more and more attracted to Mary. Approximately a month has passed. Hans does not watch time at all. At that moment, they are having a particularly good time. They are just having the time of their life together, but that day is somehow very special. Until that day, it seemed to Hans that Mary was living in expectation of something very important. How right he was!

I wonder all the time: how did Hans open his eyes to the true essence of his wife only after so many years? He is so sensitive to people... Are you surprised?

For the second time did Hans buy fabulously expensive French wine beloved by Mary during their dating. For some reason, she did not drink it, and having failed to come up with something intelligible to explain her excuse ...

Hans, accustomed to the whims of his darling, does not pay any attention to this. She laughs loudly, now and then coquettishly twitching with her a little upturned little nose,. (Oh, those distracting maneuvers! There are a lot of them in Mary’s arsenal!)

It was as if what she was exactly looking forward to happened. Mary is in a state of happiness!

Total serenity, coupled with the confidence from which Hans almost lost his mind! Wholly absorbed is Hans in abounding happiness ! Delight, triumph, exultation – finally!

And the next day she disappears. She does not answer the calls. He gave her a cell phone, which she uses so sweetly! Chirping that it is awkward for her to use what only the rich use.

Hans, however, has a cell in the year of its production with a built-in watch Benefon Beta. One year after emigration, as he remembers.

Mary pushes the phone buttons with such force that it seems to Hans she can harm her delicate fingers. He gently strokes her hands never tired of admiring them!

Many years later, he continues to compare her hands with the hands of many women whom he met in his life, not in their favor.

Only the hands of a single woman are seen by him no worse than the familiar hands of his beloved wife, which are strewn with kisses to this day, in no way inferior to tender kisses on the day of their acquaintance. Maybe even more tender. They became his family.

And the hands of that woman... Not only are they beautiful, but also smart ... Do I have to write to whom they belong?

All these days she is out of reach. And no one takes the landline telephone.

Day two, three... For some reason, there is never anyone in her house. One night he is vainly on duty under their balcony.

Mary, having gone to wait for Hans after the exam, invented a fairy-tale for her parents that in the apartment they rented, her friends-students offered to help her with repairs, and parents need to move in with her friends for a while. She wants to give the situation greater certainty. Exposing death is alike.

Hans leaves money every day for the needs of Mary's family on the fridge, deliberately not handing them in her hands. When for the first time he offered Mary money, she cried, refused. Why traumatize Mary's psyche, once again frankly emphasizing that her family makes ends meet?

She bought the first thing that came to the tiny part of this money for repair to create an appearance for parents when they come back and ask reasonable questions. And there she will find something to say as to why the repair has not been done. She spends all the money of Hans on something secret, carefully concealed by her and from him.

I know what she spends it for. I think I will not tell it as the information is superfluous for readers. Every woman has her own little secrets. Let's not break the personal space even of this extremely unpleasant person!

Sometimes staying with her until late at night, Hans asks Mary about her parents. The bird sighs heavily saying that this is how their family earns their living restlessly, even though they are still in need…


By the way, after moving to Hans, she never meets with her parents. Or to be precise...

Mom wants to inform her about the sudden death of her father. They were already desperate to wait for the appearance of their daughter in their home, but they did not even dare to look for her. So their girl is better. She has a new life. Maybe she is embarrassed of her poor parents... May she live happily!

Mary's parents, like Irene's parents, do not happen to learn in their lifetime that they have grandchildren. Notwithstanding, these are two different stories.

Leaving home, Mary promised to give the phone number later: “I will call myself every day and visit at any opportunity. The mother does not doubt that her beloved daughter will not leave them with her father, because they give all their love to her!

However, "later" did not come.

Mary, seeing that her mother was walking around the house, not daring to ring the doorbell, ordered that the door not be opened.

When the cash reserves ran out, and Mary's mother no longer had anything to pay for the rent, or even exist, she decided to get to her daughter no matter what. Vain job search was not crowned with success. But nobody opens the door again. Then a weak woman sits down on a bench near the house and looking up, notices the silhouette of her daughter, which has quickly disappeared in the window.

Feeling the passage of a hot jet, first along the left shoulder blade, then in the hand, in the chin ... And the pain, burning and intolerable!

“How did it turn out… how did it turn out that I and my husband... raised this... cruel... daughter?", - not hearing herself in her last breath, Mary's mother whispers to herself ...

Passersby called an ambulance, noticing a woman on a bench in an unnatural pose. But it was too late. Mary saw everything, but...

Mom's body could not be identified for a long time. Mary was never found then. That evening, when neighbors came to her for a long time and stubbornly searching for her, she invited them into the house, treated them to an exquisite dinner, and sobbed for a long time excitedly. Oh, oh, they just flew away then with her husband abroad on his business! All in business... Since the day Mary left her home, it's only about nothing ... about 12 years...

Having generously presented them at last, she did not cause doubts in her decency and love for the deceased parents. “Poor girl! Wealth did not spoil her – how kind! And what a pretty girl! ”, - Mary heard about herself while accompanying unwanted and unexpected guests herself. And just in case, turning away to the wall, she is transformed for a moment into a real monster!

Hans embraces his tear-stained beloved, and takes her to the store of exclusive products from diamonds. Mary pokes her well-groomed finger in the glass case, behind which lies the most expensive necklace. The paparazzi came running from somewhere - and the next day Mary’s photo with the caption: “decorations proving the love” causes the envy of many women. She, depicting a mysterious half-smile, looks at the whole country from the cover of a glamorous women's magazine. “What unusual eyes, washed with tears, they have even more brilliance!”, “They shine no worse than the diamonds on her elegant neck! Yes, she herself is a small diamond! ”,  something like that goes through the heads of many men who saw the cover of the magazine.

By the way, Mary almost always flies with Hans for his business. How does she miss that fatal business trip?

Neighbors gave the location of the burial of her parents. She never went there.

Shocked by the hostess's behavior, the servants did not turn Mary in to Hans. She threatened them. At least they fear this small, wicked, evil-looking hostess. And as a maximum they hate this vile creature with all the fibers of their soul!


Hans seriously worried. Calling Mary at the door once again (the fourth day since her disappearance), he saw an unfamiliar pretty woman, apparently, Mary's mother.

- Good day. And Mary? ..

- Good day, Mr. ...?

- Hans, my name is Hans.

- Things are tough! Our girl is seriously ill. She has depression. Some student deceived her.

The woman began to cry.

- Come on in! I hope you are not the same student?

Hans steps aside for a minute and calls the police to stop searching for Mary.

- Mary, open up! This is Hans! Mary!

- I don't want to see anyone! Do not touch me.

... Hans sees coiled up, very tiny girl, his only darling!

- What happened, my girl? What happened, dear? What student? What happened? What?

- What student? This is the first thing that came to my mind ... I'm pregnant. It was necessary to distract my mother!

- Why did you disappear?

- I was afraid you would leave me! I wanted love without commitment, you too ... and here we are... but I'm afraid not to have children anymore... I'm scared, darling!

- Oh honey! I wanted and want to be with you!

- And then ... will you want too?

To be continued…

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Dec 31, 1969
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