Is Beauty over Glorified?
...can you imagine how a woman would do make-ups in the Stone Age?

There is always a natural tendency in almost every human being to look beautiful and attractive. The definition and characteristic of beauty has been drastically changed over the years. For instance, can you imagine how a woman would do make-ups in the Stone Age? This is a funny imagination, right?


Basically, evolved human beings existed in this world some thousands of years ago. In the initial years, they lived like animals hunting for food, living in trees and so on. The concept of wearing clothes or living in houses with families only evolved as human civilization progressed.


I don’t know how wise will it be to question the biological composition of human beings back then. However, I think the urge in a woman would be more or less the same, if it was natural. But did they have beauty parlours, salons, dermatologist and clinics back then to facilitate their needs?


It is a personal opinion but I think the essence of external beauty has been over dignified by the society that we ourselves created. Perhaps, it is something more than our own inner desire to feel beautiful from inside.


People go for plastic surgeries of skins and their facial parts just to look attractive. Some people make extra efforts to have a more physically attracting body. It can be men working for extra abs in the gym or also the women working to appear more physically appealing.


In the movies, predominantly in the eastern world, leading actors and actresses are fully emphasized on their external beauty. By doing so, they are presented as the replication of heroic characters of our society. On the contrary, the real-life unsung heroes are barely given the limelight they deserve. So, which one is it? We ourselves want to see them in the media or is it the media that made us to look for such things, intuitively? This can be a very difficult question to answer.


See, the entire glamour industry runs this way. Even in the beauty pageants, people dress up glamorously and made to look perfect when the pageants are considered to be predominantly about intelligence. It is true that, no one can deny these contests brings out a lot of good results in an individual and the community. However, I doubt if it has been hitting our psychology by over glorifying the beauty?


There are a lot of people who argue that it is beauty which makes the first impression. However, the true personality of a person helps to go along with everything when the barrier of the first impression is crossed.


What makes a human more attractive? Is beauty more glorified than it should have been? I leave that to you, to decide!

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Dec 31, 1969
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