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...It did not become any puddle in life journey towards their ultimate goal.

I will share an incident that had a huge impact on me and my attitude towards life. I had met a very old friend of mine who is a makeup artist. I admire her for her work. We sat together for tea during which she had shared her own but life-changing experience. Since she is a makeup artist, she has to make every bride look beautiful. There is a bride who has “Vitiligo”. Imagine how people would have reacted immediately. She did a makeover for her during the pre-wedding ceremony. Before I tell you what was the Groom’s reaction, I want to share something very important too.

We often think we are worth, only if we look beautiful. But have you imagined one day waking up as a vitiligo person? When we are looking for beauty, we often tend to forget to embrace what we already have. In reality, those people who have vitiligo are the strongest, bravest and the most confident people. We should learn to love whatever we have, no matter what, be it vitiligo, a black, a white or anyone.

More than the person, it’s the people around who gives them more strength and support. I’ll contradict with my earlier statement. Let me tell you why it’s your inner strength too which gives you the required positive push to move forward in life. Do we know Winnie Harlow, Michael Jackson, Graham Norton, my state’s Chief minister here in India have vitiligo? Many other celebrities have this issue. But it didn’t stop them from achieving success. It did not become any puddle in life journey towards their ultimate goal.

What would have happened with others who did not succeed in their life because of vitiligo? It’s their inner evil and people around them who didn’t provide accurate support or assurance. Every individual is unique and beautiful from both inside and out. Never compare yourself with others and never kill your spirit.

Now, let’s get back to the initial story of mine, can anyone guess what would have the Groom said? He said “I would prefer to see and admire her the way she is. I feel she is more beautiful with her natural look rather than with makeover”.

Be positive and fill positivity in others too. I will name this experience of mine as “Flaunt your flaws”.

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Dec 31, 1969
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