Sincere Gratitude

Sincere Gratitude


Added 15.04.2019

Question Analysis for April 12

  1. During the day you drink:

I’m 100% sure that water and coffee will be fighting for the first place here, and I will give my vote to water. It is essential, something we cannot live without.

  1. You remember your student years because of:

I don’t know if anyone remembers his student years because of teachers. It would be a pity if that is the most impressive thing from all those years. Sleepless nights before the exams is something we have all had, but we all want to forget it. We would rather remember the parties and all the hanging-outs.

  1. In the cinema, you are annoyed by those who:

Oh my… from all those types of annoying people in the cinema, I could “forgive” only to those who turn on the flashlight to find their place. The others just make me wish to slap them in the face! However, those pushing my seat with their legs are the worst of all!

  1. Of your choice:

Expecting our loved ones to unravel us could be the thing most of us do, but difficulties with asking someone for a favor or something could be a very common case as well. I will stay with the expectation for unraveling by our loved ones, as we are aware they know us the best.

  1. Questions about the meaning of the whole being arise …

Understanding the meaning of life is a sign of maturity, not intelligence or complexes.

  1. Happiness is the maximum personal realization in …

I would say, family. After all, the most important thing in life is to have someone by our side constantly, someone we will devote our time and attention to, and someone who will devote their time and attention to us.

  1. They fall in love with…

I’m not sure who are “they”, but people should normally fall in love with personality.

  1. What describes you?

To be happy. That is one of the biggest wishes of us all.

  1. Well, what's better: a million or sincere gratitude?

Ha ha… This reminded me of a funny quote I read recently. It says: “It is better to get a small beer than a big thank you”. Following this logic, the answer should be “a thousand” (at least), but it would be crazy if we would always expect a material reward for the favors or things we do. So, sincere gratitude is my choice here. And sincere gratitude can be shown in many ways!

  1. Word - …

…the raw material from which everyone molds what he can… or what suits him. I like that definition: it’s so unfortunately truthful.

  1. We ourselves are — …

We definitely consider ourselves the highest and the irreplaceable form of intelligence in our universe, and it seems true, at least for now!

  1. Revelation:

Freedom. There are times when we think we have it, but we realize we were wrong.

  1. The inability to be happy for other breeds - …

Gloating would be the most appropriate choice here, I believe.

  1. What is more important: good level or motivation?

Motivation, absolutely. If we don’t have it, all the work we do would be done automatically and partially, only because we have to.

  1. World - …

Will I be wrong if I say it’s a big chaos? We believe everything is stable and works fine, but in fact, everything goes wrong all the time and the destruction of our planet and of human kind is a proof.

Share but do not impose

You can't tell them to do xyz when the issue is with abc.

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Parenting is not a degree and there is no same procedure to deal with kids.

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A person will most probably change after he sees the consequences of his behavior.

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Etiquette has no status barrier.

Top of Contemporary Etiquette Rules

Be polite with everyone, sociable with many, familiar with some.

Relaxation, joy, cheerfulness

Holidays are a great opportunity to spend more quality time with people you love and get close to each other.

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Summer vacation is the best time for kids to gain weight and also to acquire new skills.

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I don’t understand why people visit a coastal city with beautiful beaches only to use the hotel pool?