Tea is my favorite

Tea is my favorite

Author: Pinky Honey


Added 15.04.2019

Question Analysis for April 12

  1. You remember your student years because of:

I still remember every day of my student life because of my friends and sleepless nights before exams. I'm one of those students who remain calm and relaxed until the day before exams. My friends, of course, were my stress busters. I miss those days terribly.

  1. In the cinema, you are annoyed by those who:

I’m absolutely fine with flashlights, popcorn, and running commentary. But I can’t stand if someone rests their feet on my chair. Technically they have bought only their chair and not mine. I feel extremely annoyed by such behavior.

  1. Of your choice:

I am very much aware of my shortcomings. I don’t hide or pretend as if there is nothing. Nobody is perfect. Also, I easily recognize other people’s intentions. I’m not trying to flaunt my smartness here. My life has taught me all this.

  1. During the day you drink:

Tea is my favorite and most important drink during day time. Occasionally I prefer coffee in the evening. Since it is summer and temperatures have gone high I switched to lemon water.

  1. Questions about the meaning of the whole being arise …

Maybe because of their high/too much intelligence. People, when they gain knowledge more than they are required to, tend to do such things. They will raise questions out of nowhere. They try to figure out a question for which an answer was long back.

  1. Happiness is the maximum personal realization in …

All of the above. A person can be happy or impressed with any or all of these. Love, family, children, profession are crucial among the list and our life revolves around these factors.

  1. They fall in love with…

Personality or confidence I believe. I'm not pretty sure though. We depend on the circumstances, tend to fall in love for various reasons. A few like confidence in others and a few falls for outer beauty. Many others may search for inner beauty. Really not sure which could be the best option.

  1. What describes you?

Though I’m struggling myself not to choose “I want and I will”, actual fact is “accept myself”. Love and believe in yourself first. Everything will fall in place.

  1. Well, what's better: a million or sincere gratitude?

Sincere gratitude. Millions can vanish but someone’s gratitude will never. People just remember your wealth temporarily and your good deeds forever.

  1. Word - …

I wouldn’t choose complicated stuff here. I will just go with the language of life. Don’t you all agree with me?

  1. We ourselves are — …

Language of freedom and sometimes crowd of sick souls. I want people to look up to me and be the change they would like to.

  1. Revelation

It could be of any emotion depending on the situation. This time I would go for joy and try to be optimistic.

  1. The inability to be happy for other breeds - …

Moral self-destruction. There is no harm in craving for your success. But at the same time, you should be able to appreciate others too. If you are unable to do so then trust me, your destruction has been started and will soon face the consequence.

  1. What is more important: good level or motivation?

Motivation is what will take you to great levels. Along with motivation, you should be extra smart to outperform than your peers. Only then you can achieve success.

  1. World - …

Chaos. Yes, I see it as chaos because every person is fighting their own battle to survive in this world. The struggle isn’t restricted to one place; it is there across the world. Hence, I see it as chaos.

The biggest struggle

Being prone to disputes can also be a disadvantage, but not as big as confidence.

Give And Take Respect

To love is nothing, to be loved is something, to love and be loved is everything.

Live Happily Forever Alone?

If there is something like life after death, I would love to be wherever my loved ones are.

Democratic Leader

I believe in Karma. Whatever you do will come back to you for sure eventually.

Be polite, but keep a distance

...cunning isn’t good in any case – as an option here, and as an option in real life.

The Best Time of My Day

You can kill or die in a split-second, but to understand someone will take ages."

Sarcasm rules!

...using and loving black humor is a sign of high intelligence.

Eat What You Want

And what do you eat… Grass?