Superheroic Parents

Superheroic Parents

Author: Ornella Pavey


Added 15.04.2019

This is a take two on my family support article. The only difference over here is that I will be expressing my honest and most truthful real life facts about parents, yes! The most outstanding award or trophy anybody could ever have is the privilege of having parents and being able to call them mum and dad. In fact, this article is going show us all those people who see and feel immense, joy and delight in our personal and professional happiness and growth. It’s our beloved parents or guardians who looks/looked after every single need of ours, who sees the worst but burst with utter gladness the moment they have an eye lock with their child/children. Parents go out of their own comfort zone or risk anything that comes their way to shape us and make us responsible, understanding and well-mannered human beings. Some parent/parents go through so many trials in life, sacrifice all they got to give their kids a better life to see them draw their life plan using their parents' sincere upbringing methods. From baby days our parents have stood by us, their kind of love is not comparable to any other form of love. They love us when we cry and laugh, they love us when we fall ill. It’s really not easy to say how valuable a parent’s love is because to all of us their affection is priceless.

Our life-giving and loving parent/parents face numerous obstacles handling us during different stages of age. During these very fragile days, they try every possible way to elevate us to an impressive level. They help us to reinvent our thinking towards positives when all we do at our immature state of mind is dwelling in failure. Our parents are like some magnetic force that will pull us and hold on to us no matter what.

Yesterday by late evening I sat down to finish some work-related things and thought of calling up my mum whom I call ‘Ammi’. While speaking with ammi about work and kids and regular topics she said to me that my dad ‘Dada’ has started to read the articles I post on Emotion Review at DB Advisors and both of them enjoy reading my articles. Those words meant more value than any money I have earned! I can’t say how really happy I was when my dad said they have become my fans! They love my ideas and concepts I share in my writing. I just felt an uncontrolled strength taking over my mind saying me don’t stop, keep growing and keep going. The feeling was like an energy drink advertisement, you drink it and you feel the instant boost of energy and stamina go perform well, that’s the boost. I got a sudden boost of courage and love from the two most important people in my life.

I myself being a parent to two beautiful daughters always thrive to make them see that in life nothing will ever be more important to me than them. Loving, playing, teaching and making them attend small duties is what I do every day to help my children grow into who they want to be in mature and responsible ways.

As a famous quote says “It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves. That will make them successful human beings”