Against stress with Alice Boyes!
Your work may be not so loved one if your stress takes over you.


Many of us now live in a period when we need to rest.

Not to mention that spring is a time of vitamin deficiency in our body; this state is supplemented by the fact that we have not had much rest for a long time.

We are given recommendations to reduce stress level.

How do you react to such advice? No wonder if you react aggressively.


We addressed to Alice Boyes virtually.

She gave us the first advice: use Premack's principle.

I studied this method once. As applied to the above, it sounds no different than: more desirable behavior encourages... less desirable one.


Do you love your job? That much?

It can quickly become not so loved one if your stress takes over you.

Well, let's listen to Alice Boyes.

Here is the second and further advice:


Sort everything out

Try to find some time to have rest

Develop a special ritual to relieve stress

Combine little joys with work


Did you hear something new? Have you known all this for a long time?

Have you tried to apply these methods?

Believe me, it is rather necessary to do it now than at any other time.


Source: "The Healthy Mind Toolkit." Alice Boyes.

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Dec 31, 1969
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