Part 7. There is a certain particularity in every day

Part 7. There is a certain particularity in every day


Added 15.04.2019

It was a usual day. No one argues that there is a certain particularity in every day. Soon the summer exams start and almost all students experience the usual excitement and expectation. Some of them are confused, others are experiencing acceptance. They cannot do without annoyance...

Fog is over the city. The air smells a little bit of rain mixed with the smell of exhaust fumes. It seems a little drizzly. In this weather one would not leave the house. But it is necessary to go to the university. What is relaxation? And you cannot slow the run of time and steal it for yourself.

Leaving the house, Julia saved the minimum amount of time for the road relying on her time-management skills. She got it from her mom. Mommy, dear mommy! How long they have not been in touch! Where is she now, in her hometown? After her father’s death her mom changed. Julia was then just a baby, but she remembers that some kind of inner light, coming from her mother, was extinguished.

There were many cars on the street. Julia was moving slowly. And for some reason, today she thought about her mother. Julia has long had no student status. She taught in a medical school. Behind her, there was already one marriage left, and a lovely daughter was growing up. For the summer, the father would take the girl to him. Julia was not worried for her daughter: her ex-husband was a beautiful father.

Julia considered herself not a particularly good mother, because she devoted a lot of time to her work, and a little to her daughter. Night duties in the hospital were not so rare! It was difficult to get on by without them.

Living at home and working, Julia did not usually meet her friends and their families. They all tried to introduce Julia to someone, but she resisted.

Not having experienced surging romantic feelings for a long time, Julia fell in love with her student this spring. Julia did not find any reasonable explanation for this fact. In her life, everything happened spontaneously. She did not make plans, being sure that it was completely useless. Her daughter’s father, a purposeful man, now and then reproached her on this issue. Probably he was right in doing so!

Motion stopped, Julia's eyes moved themselves, and she looked in the rearview mirror... Her heart beat quickened in an instant. It was the same student, Tom. Their eyes met. Julia noticed attention and curiosity towards her. Double-clicking the emergency blink, Tom wanted to say something to Julia.

Cars resumed movement. After a short distance, they stopped nearby. The dialogue in silent mode continued. She was about to “hear” something important to her! In fact, he had long wanted to ask her out. Connoisseur of women, Tom could not help noticing how Julia had been lost in his presence for some time, and he liked it very much. He did not have time to create a family, although he was a little younger than Julia. He dropped out from the studies in another university in his hometown.

The heartless traffic light, meanwhile, opened the way. Confused by road incompetence, Tom made a decision. He was not particularly decisive. This is from his father. Tom talked to his mom yesterday. He hurried, as usual, without asking anything about his father. But he called him immediately after a short but warm conversation with his mother. But his father was out of reach...

To be continued…