Part 6. Chrysanthemums from my youth

Part 6. Chrysanthemums from my youth


Added 13.04.2019

Summer didn't come for a long time. "Is it really the ice age instead of the predicted global warming?"- complained Hans with his usual sense of humor. Getting warmed in the March forest, he just dreamed to feel the warmth physically. Like Hans, Elizabeth was busy with her usual duties.

As specialists working in the same field, Hans and Elizabeth flew to the conference in the same country. To Hans's delight and Elizabeth's disappointment the country was hot. He used to live in the southern city, but circumstances forced their family to emigrate to a place where winter lasted for six months. Southern Elizabeth has not seen winter for years.

In the hotel they lived next door. On that first evening, they bumped into each other at their room doors several times, ignoring each other.

Preparing for the morning conference, Elizabeth suddenly remembered the young man who lived next door. The details of a previous life came to her mind. He even showed her some signs of attention. She remembered which ones! Having found out from her friends about her favorite flowers, the young man climbed to the second floor. Late at night, coming to window, Elizabeth saw chrysanthemums on the windowsill. Autumn flowers. Where did he find them in summer? What was his name? What was his name? What was the name? This question was firmly entrenched in Elizabeth’s mind, demanding an answer. Our heroine was vainly recalling the name of her friend from a distant youth. Back then, in the past, it was difficult for Elizabeth to know immediately: who did it? She was reputed to be the most beautiful in the county, and she received quite a lot of attention. But these chrysanthemums! Rare of a kind! When the truth came out, Hans's family had already emigrated. The young man wanted to open up in his sympathy, but he did not dare. He didn’t expect reciprocity. To leave not experiencing a fiasco. That was his choice.

...At the conference, Elizabeth glanced at the sign on the table. Country, name of participant. Hans, Hans, of course, Hans! The same protruding ears, intelligent eyes, arched eyebrows. Hans seemed to continue to see Elizabeth as a hotel neighbor, and now he saw her as a participant in the same conference, nodding politely in response to her greeting. Elizabeth decided to come in sight a bit later.

The paths of our heroes converged. That once again convinces of that "the world is small." They were both excellent speakers. In any case, the applause of colleagues sounded loud enough. During the coffee break, they both were surrounded by colleagues, asking endless questions. Experiencing emotions with high energy, Elizabeth lost his sight. The next day the delegations left…

Our heroine, as a young girl, rushed to the fifth floor of the hotel, without waiting for the elevator. But Hans was not in the room. Annoyed, Elizabeth ordered a light dinner in her room…

There was a knock at the door. Here's dinner! "It’s open!"- our heroine responded to the knock.

Hans slowly entered the room holding the same chrysanthemums in his hands…