Always Good

Always Good


Added 13.04.2019

Question Analysis for April 11

  1. Each of us ...

Let us be realistic and frank here. Everyone wants to be generous but nobody acts so. The best suitable option according to the real world today is earn happiness, respect and health. I will include one more here and that is wealth.

  1. Being in good health is your duty for...

Yourself. If you are not conscious about your health, it’s you and your family who would take the immediate effect. Would you love to suffer and also make your family agonize? No, right. So it’s your own responsibility to be healthy.

  1. Love ...

Makes you better. I surmise that only love has the power of healing difficult wounds. Any emotion can be brought down to normal only through love.

  1. What feelings should not be stuffed into love?

Addiction as it ultimately leads to break up. I will tell you why, being addicted to your partner you will make you insanely possessive about them. You cannot stand their absence regardless of the situation. Such extreme emotions are not good in any relationship.

  1. When you are absolutely confident in yourself, it's easy to...

Both, calm spirit and turning away from worries. Because you know that you are capable enough to deal with anything.

  1. The circus …

Gloomy for me. People and animals perform for the sake of our entertainment. I don’t think that’s the best practice. I personally reject such ideas.

  1. Orphanhood is...

None of the above. Orphanhood is painful and the child has no role to play in this. But he needs to endure the aching consequences. What child would like to be an orphan? They go through a lot during this phase, and that either makes good or bad human being.

  1. The poison we drink ourselves:

All of the above. All these negative emotions especially jealousy will destroy us eventually. Always work hard for your own development rather than being jealous about others life.

  1. Someone depends on ...

Most of us depend on money and career. I mean the majority, and a very few depends on the circumstances.

  1. Truth ...

Two things here. It should never be measured by profit, and most importantly it must exist. Without which our lives have no meaning.

  1. Movement is a medicine affecting ...

Body and senses may be. Your body and mind should have great coordination and movement in order for you to stay healthy.

  1. A man without hobbies - ...

Empty book. Because your hobby is what determines your character and your lifestyle. It will act as a recreation too and help you lead a non-stressful life.

  1. In the eternal confrontation between good and evil, the winner is...

Always good. Evil may win many times and make you suffer a lot, but the ultimate and final winner is always Good and your faith in good.

  1. What creates a society?

Freedom of choice and our needs. Society is useful and at times it creates a lot of issues. I guess these are people who live around you are highly influential.

  1. The shadow of words, when a person begins to "starve":

Painful incidents related to love and family. You wouldn’t understand the importance of something until and unless you lose it.

Share but do not impose

You can't tell them to do xyz when the issue is with abc.

The Reason for Slow Destruction

Parenting is not a degree and there is no same procedure to deal with kids.

A Fast-Forward Video

A person will most probably change after he sees the consequences of his behavior.

A Sign of Good Manners

Etiquette has no status barrier.

Top of Contemporary Etiquette Rules

Be polite with everyone, sociable with many, familiar with some.

Relaxation, joy, cheerfulness

Holidays are a great opportunity to spend more quality time with people you love and get close to each other.

Scenic and Budget-Friendly

Summer vacation is the best time for kids to gain weight and also to acquire new skills.

The Best Escape Anyone Can Have

I don’t understand why people visit a coastal city with beautiful beaches only to use the hotel pool?