Director of EMOTION ACADEMY - answers to questions

Director of EMOTION ACADEMY - answers to questions


Added 09.04.2019

What is the main course of action in EMOTION ACADEMY?

We have switched life lessons into a convenient for everyone online mode. This so-called comprehensive training: teachers teach students, and students teach teachers. That is, today the teacher taught some skills to the student, and the next day there is a probability that a teacher will begin to learn from his own student the skill that he knows better than the teacher.

Each teacher develops his own module. The theme of the module determines its content – experience and achievements in any field.

We are somewhat adjusting the concept of our online institution developed before.

What do the participants of your educational process gain as a result?

To answer briefly, they will gain that same emotional competence, which resulted due to the high EI level.

The fact is that some people get to teach with less life experience; others – with more experience, so it does not work as they would like it to work.

Emotional competence alone is able to define the boundaries of the modules for the training course, to expand them. Taking into account all the subtleties that can literally destroy someone's valuable experience within a certain module.

What prompted you to choose this direction?

I'm a doctor by training. Medicine is not only the science of medicine as such, but also psychology, and, imagine, philosophy. When I decided to move from medicine to psychology, I was offered a job at DB Advisors. I was very interested in the concept of "emotional intelligence – online". Previously, I knew about EI not only by hearsay. My company gave me a wonderful opportunity to take a master class from the original source David Caruso, a professor of psychology at Yale University, as well as to undergo training from tutors about EI on the program of the same Yale University and the University of New Hampshire.

What is emotional competence for you personally?

Emotional competence is my unwavering belief that emotions always exist in my life. It's just not every time that I'm aware of them. Already now (when I became a little more competent emotionally compared to me when I did not work in DB Advisors) I pay special attention to emotions with namely low energy. "Energetic" emotions are not so involved in our everyday life.

Emotional competence is something with which I act more effectively, and in general, it is easier and more interesting to live! Now, I just amaze that being driven by emotions, I have not seen so much in life, I just did not notice that. Emotions are so informative if appropriate!

What would you do first of all if you were given this opportunity?

Let's just say that I would work on a global project to involve the maximum number of people in the process of raising EI level. Moreover, starting from the age of five…

However, so far within DB Advisors website I am not so good at it, although there is some progress. But not that I'm happy with myself.

I very much hope for a team solution to this problem both with the help of its employees and users of the website.

Thank you in advance for that!

Your wishes to the same users of DB Advisors website... and not only them?

My dears! Be... emotionally competent!