Victoria and Abdul
...he kept her alive by keeping her memories with him to cherish for a lifetime.

As another hectic day came to an end me and my husband sat to scroll through the TV channels hoping there would be a meaningful movie to see and relax while having our dinner. There I saw Victoria and Abdul has started. I felt an immediate rush of excitement as I had been hoping to watch this movie for quite some time now, but never got the chance to sit with absolute silence and peace to grasp the story well. So, we out of curiosity and joy started enjoying the movie. Though at the beginning it looks as if it was another ordinary old English movie, but it was much more than that. This magnificent story was screaming out about love, compassion, trust, loyalty and friendship which we hunger and feel lonely being unable to find at least one of these in anyone close person we know!

To me this story with every angle depicts the hardships faced by honest well-wishers, the challenges and troubles Queen Victoria had to go through only to keep her beloved Munshi Abdul Karim safe. Abdul Karim was treated as a dear son by Queen Victoria. Both the Queen and the Munshi enjoyed a very extraordinary innocent friendship, a friendship that kept the entire household in utter shock to see the importance given to an Indian Muslim. Household members including the Queen’s own son plotted to undermine their relationship, but faithful friendship these two shared never died.

The tremendous take on moral ethics showcases deeper connection of minds and souls that allowed the two friends to stick to each other during the good times and bad. Integrity is shown in its highest level in this dramatic story, a story that touches us in many ways. The Queen brought in Abdul’s family and took good care of them which of course infuriated the fellow household members, but these never affected good qualities of the Queen.

The most needed acts of faithfulness, dedication and kindness that the real world needs are shown in this 1 hour and 52-minutes-movie. We often feel the same as the Queen did, until she found a purpose to live the rest of her remaining days, to actual feel living through the presence of her honest friend Abdul, the boredom and loneliness vanished from her life for a short period of time. But even after her death her beloved Munshi never left her sight, never made her feel she was left forgotten, he kept her alive by keeping her memories with him to cherish for a lifetime.

This story is like a quick reminder to us to treat anybody and everybody the same way we would like to be treated. Caste, religion, age, skin tone, height, etc. shouldn’t stop us from connecting with anyone we like. We all carry the weight of the unjust demands, and wishes of the society which greatly washes off who we really are. So, let’s stop and think and continue our lives with a sincerer approach to one and all. Even the unique exquisite things are made by combining very different materials.

And that’s how I genuinely felt while watching this epic cinematic drama.



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Dec 31, 1969
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