Genuine Love
The main thing leading to manifestation inside a relationship or bond is the doubt or insecurity.


If you can go running through the storms in life and see where genuine love resides, consider yourself very lucky as this comes to only a few. This is because the majority fails to recognize it and see it when it’s there right in front of them. We have created in our mind the illusion of what love is or how it is like to have a sincere form of it. This illusion is like a heavy fog that blocks our eyes to open towards the beautiful reality of faithful togetherness. But, the ones that have seen the mesmerizing selfless result through love to another person know how truly mind-blowing the feeling of being in love could mean.

The simplest form of this I could really give you is being a parent who allows a child to be what the child wants to be, to understand what a child is feeling throughout 24 hours a day, to understand that playful innocent life has its own ways of seeing things. Instead most of us as parents play the control-based and fear-based kind of love towards children. We don’t realize they are not born to follow our experiences, nor our lifestyles or our ways of living! They are born to learn these on their own with our guidance and encouragement to do so. Guidance as a simple support to life of the child such as saying like “Yes, my love I believe in you” or “I knew you could do it” or “I’m so proud of your accomplishment”.  These sentences may sound very cliché and ordinary. However, being said to kids by their parents, they mean the entire universe to them. These words make them strive to work better and harder towards their target goals because they know win or fail their genuine parents’ affection wouldn't get less one bit.

In other ways as lovers, your search for genuine love shouldn't mean you have to be available to anyone who comes your way. The impression you visualize if you give your 100%, you definitely won’t be wrong! That thought itself is wrong! Giving 100% doesn't mean by any way that you keep a lover or partner under your rules or terms because you truly love them. If love is true and genuine, it is supposed to be free at the same time. Binding one to you doesn't make you or the other person the prefect pair. Instead, living distances apart and knowing the value and importance of your relationship by not letting any temptation take place is genuine enough which is although very rare. These are just ways to see and realize how we see love and how we can keep it alive without destroying it through our doubtfulness and disbelief over trial issues.

Main thing leading to manifestation inside a relationship or bond is the doubt or insecurity. We become petrified of losing the love of our lives, unable to see them with anyone else, but just think If we find ourselves struggling between doubt and insecurity, it is very encouraging to find out why. Why do I accept this from him? Why do I get hurt by this? Why am I so sacred of losing? Recognize your love and what brought the two of you together. Only then you would know if it is actually love or just mere attachment.

Recognizing these strong instincts will help anyone to bring their relationships to a better start. There are so many levels of love and each contains different layers just like a puff pastry! You get these flaky layers first which symbolizes your start and then you get to the best part which fills up your heart and soul for eternity.

The most dangerous thing most of us do by getting ourselves paired up is only to satisfy our inner intimacy needs which will end up killing us within and leaving us with miserable insecurity. Any affection given and taken just to make one’s body happy isn’t love at all. If we don’t see the importance of love we will all just continue playing emotional bumper cars with each other and never get anywhere.


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Dec 31, 1969
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