Her Love for Buildings
She asked me if anyone can really love someone to this extent?

Her Love for building: Bishesh Dhakal

I met her in Bhaktapur durbar square. She had come to visit Nepal for the very first time. I was just chilling around the traditional buildings of Bhaktapur taking some puffs of cigarette. I loved spending time with the buildings, this way. I just felt like these buildings were talking to me even without uttering a single word.

She came near me and exclaimed in delight. I was astonished to see her dropping jaw. All of a sudden she asked me about an idol of a person craved in the roof top of a temple. I told her that it was actually the idol of a god who is considered to be the ‘god of heaven’ in accordance with the Hindu mythology.  She further asked me about the age of these idols.

I told her that it was build around 10th century or so. She was suprised to see a building which was almost 1000 years older than her.

 She further requested me to help her visit  the entire ancient city of Bhaktapur.  Because of the nicotin, I was a little unconscious and unknowingly nodded affirmatively to her request. Honestly speaking, I couldn't deny either.

As we walked down  the brick pavements we came across multiple buildings which had historical significances. In the process, she shared a lot of things with me about her love for buildings and their architecture in general. I had never met anyone who was passionate about buildings before.

I had realized that she looked prettier when she expressed her feelings. She was just like the emoji in the keypad of the mobile phone. Sometimes she was happy, some other times giggling, chuckling and some times shocked and disappointed. She loved expressing feelings through her facial expressions and I liked expressing mine through words. So, I immediately share her what I felt about her at that very moment.

In response, she gave me a huge smile which resembled to yet another emoji.

As we moved forward, we came across a beautiful monument surrounded by a pond. It was yet another palace which was built by a king in the 12th century. He had constructed it for his queen because she loved swimming and bathing in pond. She asked me if anyone can really love someone to this extent?

I nodded. Sometimes, we do certain things for our lover which becomes a landmark for the future. People appreciate its significance and it becomes an immortal part of history. We are born to love and love is all we need in life.

She stayed in Bhaktapur for a couple of days and later went to Pokhara which was another beautiful city of Nepal, full of natural landscapes and sceneries.

Unfortunately, we never met again. She didn't grow love for me perhaps because buildings were the only thing she ever loved in her life.




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Dec 31, 1969
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