Hoping for a better tomorrow
We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

Dum spiro spero!

Hope…! What is hope according to you all? I will tell you what it is as per my stance. Hope is a mandatory fuel for all of us to lead our lives. Living today, will you go back and think about yesterday, which is already gone and cannot be brought back? When your past and present are not up to the mark, but you still work hard and lead your life, why does it happen? It is because you “hope” for a better tomorrow.

Experts sit and argue that it’s a “cognitive skill” that is required to continue working towards your goals. Hope is something that is there within you in every aspect of life. Your temporary or major illness can be cured with hope as belief and expectation can make your body recover.

Your worst performance at work and related one-to-one meetings with your manager can get better next time only when you are hopeful to excel in your performance. An inmate also hopes for a miracle to make his/her life better.

In simple terms, hope is required for all of us to survive. I think it is being optimistic about your life. It is the trust that extends towards the future or rather looking forward into life. Bad things will happen; however, your hope is something that moves you towards positivity. It is the slightest step between hanging on and giving up.

As I said earlier in any part of your life, hope is the power to trust that anything can be achieved. It gives you the required level of confidence to push you forward. Hope is the only emotion that can either construct or destruct anybody’s life. What do you all say? People who believe in hope will try to recover from their painful past. Those who want to give up will never trust hope, thus destructing and destroying their lives. A cancer patient will survive from his death bed, only when he hopes to live and not to die. Very powerful as well as sensitive emotion it is. Depending on their real-life experiences, few of my friends have described hope in one word and those are alive, courage, belief, empowering, happiness, etc.

For me hope is everything. I hope this article of mine will reach you in a positive way. No matter how hard your life hits, how difficult the challenges are, always hope for a better and prosperous future. The positive thought will help you propel towards happiness.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”

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Dec 31, 1969
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