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Each of us is a source of truth only in the sphere of his own feelings.
Svetlana Mikheyeva
Author Svetlana Mikheyeva Mar 30, 2019 NEWS

It is difficult for us to involve users in the development process. And we are not reassured by the fact that the problem of human inhibition of its own development is relevant almost from the middle of the last century.

Our company received a lot of letters where it was told about feedback. Users expressed a desire to express their opinions, share ideas not only with one of the employees, but also with a large and diverse audience. We agreed to this and worked hard. We created a niche, guided by your wishes. Our website is not a social network, so we have a slightly different approach to the concept of feedback.

And here's the feedback in MY WILL - training section of EMOTION ACADEMY. What's wrong with you now?

How does that sound: dear users, in the future all of you will participate in the activities of the website basing on the references of your teachers. You get to choose!

We would like to inform you that, first and foremost, in a relaxing atmosphere a person opens sees the flaws he never noticed before. Further, in the presence of not so honed skills, you get the opportunity to master them. In addition, you have access to the comments that all subscribers see. You form the fertile ground on which your teacher grows, learning methodology collaborative learning deeper.

On top of that, you can become a teacher by taking the course. That is, get extra work on our platform. Many know about a decent remuneration for work. Tell the others. Become their teachers while not taking off their studies from them, in parallel with your teaching. Get better feedback than we do. Such that through it, people understand what they need to achieve.

It is clear that it is very difficult to objectively evaluate each other, but there is collective opinion, the notorious majority opinion.

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