Free Will
Many people believe that free will is the ability to make informed decisions.

Free will: the simplest things or instinct?

Free will exist because there is a strong need for self-governance. This happens for us to get along and not disrupt the grand design. People have many different interpretations for the nature of free will, so let us explore a few of those.

Many people believe that free will is the ability to make informed decisions. This is true, it depends on the relevance of our responsibility to become aware of a certain situation in order to react to it. We sometimes confuse our conscience with free will because it may be influenced or negated by a negative stimulus. Usually, when this happens, it never ends well so be sure to act in accordance with what you desire from others.

Understandably, 29.48% believe that free will is autonomous or instinctive. It's not, it only becomes natural when you've set your core values which will predetermine your behavior to a particular circumstance. Free will often occur as a choice between good and bad which currently exist in every part of our lives. Don't be led only by your core values because you could be exploited or worse. Instead, try to assess the situation and choose a reaction which will reduce the effects of being hurt.

Some persons (14.58%) have voted that free will is the unconscious origin of the conscious mind. Unconscious origin implies that you will not be controlled. It is evident that once this exists that so does chaos. There are some people who are unable to decide on their reactions and actions to an event. This is dangerous, as people will mistake your confusion for disrespect and discharge anything you say and do. This kind of will is only advantageous when people do not know what to expect from you. That can sometimes lead to distrust and disloyalty. Try practicing, making decisions and if it is too difficult, try to figure out your moral code.

Free will is the determinant of a person's bravado. If you don't understand it, you can hurt some people who will make it their life's goal to make your life miserable.

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Dec 31, 1969
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