Change Starts with Us
If everything comes as expected, you would have a friend for life!

What is empathy? Is that just an illusion which is practically unreachable?

Empathy is highly connected with one’s emotional intelligence. Usually, we tend to say ‘get in my shoes and walk my way’. That says metaphorically that the other person is maybe too harsh, even cruel to us, and we are defending ourselves. Being an emphatic person can make some parts of your life easier. You may have a lot of friends because of your power to listen to people’s problem and try to give sincere advice. In fact, we live a very stressful life and a busy daily life, and it is pretty hard to think for someone else’s feelings when you are feeling like a robot. But we shall try to make the difference. Remember that the change starts with us. We must start from ourselves in order to inspire someone else to a change and the circle goes like that to infinite.

It is not that hard to ask your colleague if he’s doing fine or to ask how his day was. Just the society has made us be afraid to show feelings because when someone is your friend they can hurt you. We are being scared because we know that usually, the low glops are coming not from the enemy but from the people you less expect to.

Anyway, I believe it is worth to try. If everything comes as expected, you would have a friend for life! And these people are worth everything because they are so rare and you know they would be here for you even at 4 o’clock in the morning.

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Dec 31, 1969
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