Employees of a successful company: what are they?

Employees of a successful company: what are they?


Added 30.03.2019

The manager of a successful company is looking for employees who are smarter than him. In addition, he is not joking about the fact that to find such is not so difficult. He does not want to hear from them: "We agree with you!" learning his vision of the moment. He doesn't want them to try to recognize his unspoken opinion. He wants to be contradicted, but having good arguments…

Do you have a desire to become one of the employees mentioned above? Recall that there is no problem in finding those. There is a risk to miss the chance. Are you already such an employee? May those who are only going to smarten up get lucky. We will also make you a company: we could never have enough intelligence as well as money.

So, the format and platform of our company, DB Advisors, is at our disposal! Innovative learning, however, is not yet an indicator of its effectiveness. It will appear if we all do not assume, but clearly see the value of learning in our EMOTION ACADEMY (it may sound loud!), the school of life.

Online training and sessions from the management are implemented. You are also provided a lot of information in the form of carefully selected and adapted materials; filling tests and tasks. These are all tools to increase awareness, responsibility and efficiency.

However, now our users are not massively interested in their personal development on our platform. It is curious, are they interested in personal development as such? We do not lose hope to interest them. Maybe a talk show will attract them. We aim to develop the required competencies with the help of constantly updated training format. Well, we will continue to improve.

One day, most users of the website (and not units, which will be enough to count the fingers), will namely choose for personal development. Our whole team is committed to this! They will have to regret the lost time, for example, in the period of solving some urgent problem as an employee of a successful company. The leader will to listen to their phrases that contradict his vision not without pleasure; to evaluate everything not only through his prism, however, relying on his opinion in making the right decision.

… the one which will be implemented by our users, creatively and responsibly being already ‘sharks’ both in competition and in interpersonal relationships.

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