The role of speech in interpersonal relations

The role of speech in interpersonal relations


Added 29.03.2019

We are constantly interacting with each other. Living in society, we are doomed to it. Today I want to highlight this type of communication as linguistic. However, communicating through oral speech, we understand each other not only by the criterion of what we say. What most helps us to understand the interlocutor?

Scientists offer us to focus on the voice tone of the opponent. Registers change automatically. It matters who we communicate with, what we talk about and what we achieve. Well, it will be interesting to study what corresponds to a certain tone of voice. After all, in this way, we "read" more necessary information than relying on one intuition.

What to do if you have to "solve" a person with a monotonous speech? (Note: the story is about healthy people.) Tip from scientists, backed by our intuition: such a person is afraid of something and is uncertain.

And what does the rate of speech mean? We speak as we exhale, taking a breath between words. Pauses and rate of speech give us the opportunity to identify emotions. A relaxed person speaking at a normal pace breathes calmly. If a person is even a little excited, his breath is lost. What are we pausing for? We decide what to say and how. Is it that simple? But few of us pay attention to this to study human behavior and emotions experienced by him.

Should we analyze words that frequently appear in one's speech? The answer is Yes: analysis is always good! Unfortunately, in this case, it will be useless. It is unlikely that we are able to learn about a person by this criterion. But found in the speech phrase, somewhere we have already heard earlier, will give some information... What kind of information? We will reply in one word: useful. Having made efforts, you will answer the asked question to yourself more extensively.

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