Happy. Simple as that
Evolution covers a much wider area of interest.

Question Analysis for March 27

  1. Reflections on …


  1. What attracts you?

Miracles are the only thing from this list that we are not seeing daily. Therefore, craving for miracles will be my choice.

  1. People are not divided into …

People are divided into everything, into all sort of important or trivial matters. They are just too much divided. I will choose “fractions” here only because it is the last thing that would have come to my mind if I had to list those options myself.

  1. Evolution…

…does not stop at the human. Evolution covers a much wider area of interest.

  1. It is not the knowledge that matters, but …

…to apply them in life. No matter how vast is our knowledge about something, it means absolutely nothing if we are unable to apply it in real life and make any use of it.

  1. What is closer to you: science or common sense?

Science and common sense are definitely not synonyms and I believe everyone will agree about that. But shall we choose this option or say exactly which of the two we prefer in life. I think we are most often led by common sense, though.

  1. What do you feel in your gut?

Trying not to feel in the gut, though it can’t really be controlled.

  1. Science is a form of …

…rationalism, practical proof of any theory, idea and belief, objective explanation for a phenomenon or some event from everyday life.

  1. Senseless statements. You need to …

Oh, we have all heard those hundreds of times! So, ridicule them or exterminate them. Unfortunately, exterminating them is nearly impossible as people saying them stick to them unconditionally. So, ridiculing them may be the best option.

  1. You shouldn’t…

Prove the claimed tenets frothing at the mouth. Life is too short to spend it on such trivial things and mean or idler people.


  1. The commandment of the 21st century:

Always try to learn new things could be the most appropriate one. 20th and 21st century (so far) have brought so many innovations and novelties that people have to learn something new almost constantly in order to be able to keep up with society.

  1. What kind of person would you like to be?

Happy. Simple as that.

  1. Altruism should end when it comes to …

I am a bit confused by this one… altruism should not end, as it keeps us alive in a way. I’m not sure, but maybe “nations” will be the option with most votes.

  1. Investment:

Coca-Cola is my choice here, and practically in any other combination.

  1. Invest in…

Bank of America, as usually.

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