Learning: everything, from everyone and always!
Why do we have to study even after the university?
Svetlana Mikheyeva
Author Svetlana Mikheyeva Mar 29, 2019 NEWS

We have been studying for years at universities with professionals and breathed a sigh of relief. That is that, let the textbooks, tutorials and all that out of sight! Ah, youth! One wants a lot, but because of studies, we are not able to have fun properly! But now...

That's just now when the real study begins – study in the school of life. “Now who should we learn from?” - lazily squeezing the words out of ourselves, ask we, fresh university graduates, who seem to know and capable of everything. The answer of experienced people: “From everybody and each!” But while we are skeptical, we don’t have much faith in it and lose time.

In early childhood we learned to talk, walk, and read. Not from the professionals, but from our parents. And we learned pretty well, didn’t we?

As we grew older, we involuntarily began to study the behavior of people watching them. What and how do our friends behave - people who are constantly in our sight? What are their results? If we repeat their actions, will the results match? In general, biologically we are given a basic way of learning – imitation, copying.

You will ask me with curiously: “Why do we have to study even after the university? After all, you will miss the most important thing.” We’ll miss the important just for the reason that we stop learning. We did not come up with it, so it turned out, no matter what. You create nothing from nothing . We create something solely from what exists.

As time flies, we come to realize that learning is essential. We cannot do everything. It only seemed to us when we went beyond the threshold of Alma Mater. The illusion has been replaced by the reality of life. Each of us does or understands something at least a bit better than the others. Conclusion: only the environment will help us to learn and know the world, rationally using the acquired skills to successfully solve practical problems.

We are eternal learners. Well, of course, someone will argue on this occasion, demonstrating their knowledge in various fields! Let him argue today. Tomorrow or the day after, if he is clever, he will take the position of his opponent. Nonetheless, we are the teachers, no matter how old we are!

Who does not want to achieve maximum efficiency in life? What does that require? Development! And how will we develop if we don’t learn from everyone, everything and always?

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