Polar Opposites
Animals and human strive for different types of perfection.

Is the meaning of life the same for animals and people?

I've often wondered why animals and humans differ in terms of their affinity for life. Justifiably, animals don't have complex relationships. They receive a generous helping of love and affection so their lives are skewed based on this finding. Humans, on the other hand, strive for more out of life but sometimes it comes at the expense of others.

Animals are more open to relationships and humans are more hypocritical. This is true, at least 41.28% of people think so. Because animals are usually doted on by their owners, they often expect the same kind of relationship from people. Humans, on the other hand, have more complex relationships. We hide our emotions because we don't want to be judged. People lie to hide their insecurities and harsh criticism, and we often categorize a person based on stereotypes. While the two are not related we can see how humans' behavior can be a little pretentious. Both species strive for perfection, but I think only animals have succeeded for the most part.

It is true that animals and human strive for different types of perfection. Votes amounting to 34.89% believe this is inevitably true. Animals are more simplistic, their goals are strongly related to trust and loyalty. As humans, we strive for more even if our perfection is achieved at the expense of others. Perfection is multifunctional for humans as for animals it is unidirectional. Animals aim to please their owners in return for their satiated needs. While humans take a different and possibly longer route to achieve the same goal.

Perfection for animals and humans are polar opposites. But I think we can learn a thing or two from our animal friends.



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Dec 31, 1969
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