Real Satisfaction
It is much better than going on a long journey on that day.

You dream to celebrate the new in:

Generally, most of the middle-class people will celebrate the New Year in their home i.e., with their family and friends. It is much better than going on a long journey on that day.

In the midnight, when the New Year begins, people will celebrate it by firing crackers, sharing their wishes to all their relations, praying at midnight to begin the whole year with positive moments. The main thing each one should consider is taking a resolution on that new year and to follow it throughout the year. The resolution should be of creating a positive vibration like not lying at any cost, avoiding mobile phone, usage of plastic etc.

The more sophisticated people will go on a long trip to the coolest place near their city or village. Some others will go on a holy trip for their satisfaction. Real thing everyone should do is helping the orphanage people by providing food, clothes, and money. It may be real satisfaction than anything else.

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