The Paradox of A Liar
There’s no place for “I will do it tomorrow” thoughts.

Question Analysis for March 26

This was an engaging batch of questions we are not thinking of in our everyday life, even though we are living them and seeing them daily.

  1. Can a person be in two places at the same time?

Physically not. But a person can be in one place with his body, and in another place with his mind and thoughts and with his soul. So, if we consider that option, then yes, a person can be in two different places in the same time.

  1. Is science compatible with religion?

No, they are definitely not compatible. Religion and science have totally opposite opinions, ideas and explanations on any subject and process in life, as well as different “solutions” for the same problems. Creation and existence of mankind and of the world, in general, is perhaps the best example that religion and science don’t have anything in common.

  1. Race: a biological category or a social construct?

In a normal world, race should be nothing but a biological category, but unfortunately, the world we are living in is not alike. Instead, race is a whole story full of prejudices, stereotypes, discrimination and granting certain advantages to a person only because he belongs to a certain race.

  1. Do we need a vocabulary to think?

Absolutely not. We can think in images, we can “sketch” our thoughts, and after all – we don’t really have to use words at all. My answer here will be “it is possible to think in images”. After all, if silent movies could express their idea and their message, why couldn’t we have a silent movie in our mind as well?

  1. You like when your boss:

Any of those four actions are characteristics of a great leader, and helpful and motivating for any employee. But if I have to choose only one I would cherish the most, that would probably be if the boss is willing to listen and help when there are difficulties. After all, it is in their interest that their team performs well and they should give their best to make this possible and ease their employees’ tasks.

  1. You do not have time to finish important work on time. Your thoughts:

We’ll definitely have to stay late tonight and the work will be done, even if that means we will not sleep all night long. We usually get aware we are late with some work the night before it has to be done, so there’s no place for “I will do it tomorrow” thoughts. Thinking of “they will say I’m unreliable” will only make a bigger pressure and probably panic as well, and that wouldn’t be helpful at all. Calling the boss and warning him for the delay could be the choice, but only if we are sure we cannot do the work in the deadline.

  1. When you are persuaded to make a donation to a charity, you:

I know this question was posted a while ago, but I think the options are a bit different now. Anyway, I don’t recall which answer got the most votes back then. And among those four offered today, I’m pretty sure most of us will check the fund first (if we are talking of that kind of charity).

  1. When your relatives begin to quarrel, you think:

It depends a lot on what is the reason for the quarrel and how serious it is, but I think we can all agree that it is unbearable to watch when close people do not get and do not understand each other.

  1. What are your favorite spring flowers?

If you ask me, any flowers are beautiful and I don’t have a favorite one. And that would be my answer here, no matter what season it is or what other people mean about this – any of them – bright colors make life look more cheerful and more joyful.

  1. "This sentence is false".  Is it true or false?

Ha ha… I know a whole puzzle about this paradox, but it would take too mush space, so maybe some other time. Now I will just say: the paradox of a liar.

  1. What is philosophy?

Personally, I would say it is an occupation for idlers. It’s not my intention to offend someone, but I really cannot see a point in this profession and this subject.

  1. Can food be art?

Absolutely. It’s been a long time yet since food is an object of modern art. But this statement of art turning food into an indicator of social hierarchy is so truthful and also worrying. However, I will stick to my first choice.

  1. Are people free to sell themselves into slavery?

Basically, if the choice is free, by definition it wouldn’t be a slavery. But this issue is much more complex than that. In modern-time societies, people are indirectly forced to work for very little money, much less than they need to survive and have a decent life for them and for their families. The only difference between this situation and the slavery from past times is that today, people are seemingly choosing this willingly and on their own. And in fact, they have no other choice. So, my answer here will be, yes, they are free to sell themselves into slavery, but it is not a free choice.

  1. Investments:

I think Microsoft is the best choice here.

  1. Invest in…

Bank of America. That would be my choice here, and I believe it will have most supporters.

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