Empathy within reasonable limits

Empathy within reasonable limits


Added 28.03.2019

Sometimes it happens that other people's problems become yours? Moreover, do you feel the pain of others as your own? If you associate it with empathy, it seems to be not so bad. What if it turns into negativity for you? No one is going to hold action against empathy. But everything must have a limit. Absorbing other people's emotions is what you need to avoid!

If everything around you is negative and you are contemplating, then that's okay. Others can even be led to suicide by such an environment.

Answer your questions:

Do you have a high degree of empathy? Do you quickly get tired of a large gathering of people? It is likely that you “adopt” the negative emotions of this multitude of people.

Take care of yourself: identify the causes of your concern and eliminate them. If there is no complete clarity in the situation:

  • concentrate on breathing
  • meditate
  • do not allow emotional overload
  • look for a positive until you find it

In the end, drop everything and allow yourself to be alone with nature.

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