Date with Nature
A direct contact is what humans have missed out.

Dating with nature

To date someone is to regularly spend time with the person you like. Basically, you date someone when you’re in a romantic relationship. While dating, you are focused on your partner and enjoying the present to the fullest. You don’t have any other thought in your mind. You reach a stage when you are least bothered about any other things in the surrounding. You must be clear about the ‘concept of dating’ by now.

So, what would something like ‘dating with nature’ mean?  Basically, you are dating with nature when you are amidst nature and enjoying her beauty. Imagine that you are somewhere in the nature. Fast flowing rivers are burbling around you. The birds on trees are chirping aloud. The beautiful mountains which are echoing your voice and the clear sky which is expanded indefinitely above you is watching you in delight. What vibes did you get while you were reading these lines? Perhaps, soothing, peaceful, calm and relax, right?

In fact, our ancestors inhabited in nature. They would run around jungle, make weapons with stones, hunt animals for food and feed themselves and their babies. They would sleep somewhere below the naked sky, perhaps in the trees. Our ancestors were just like any other wild animal with extra intelligence and thinking capabilities.

Now, you see, things have drastically changed. Humans live in a typical family set up inside their luxurious houses. They no longer have to hunt. They can buy food with money. They have vehicles which would run with fuel. There might be an indirect dependency on nature but a direct contact is what humans have missed out, for past few millenniums. This has made human life stressful. Fear, anxiety, sadness, anger are some of the unpleasant feelings that humans encounter on daily basis.

A Short Story of Gautam Buddha

 You must have heard the story of Gautam Buddha. He was a prince who left his royal kingdom, his family and went into the jungle seeking enlightenment. He made all these sacrifices just to know why people get old. Why do they suffer from negative emotions and feelings? How people can live their life in a rather peaceful and meaningful way? After getting enlightenment, he started preaching the vital lessons of life to his followers who promoted the philosophies in the form of Buddhism which spread in a wider part of Asia. The source of his enlightenment was the peaceful jungle.

“Learn characters from trees, values from roots and change from leaves.” - Tasneem Hameed

People now realize that the nature is indefinitely powerful. It can swallow down all your negative emotions and help you relax. The nature overwhelmingly welcomes you and warmly hugs you.  Thus, the culture of hiking and trekking is getting popular day by day, especially in the mountainous countries. You walk all day long just to get tired and stop at some points to relax. The beautiful landscapes you see when you relax becomes an unforgettable life time experience.

We are an inseparable part of the nature. So, we must date with nature. At least once a month, you can go to some places and spend time with the nature. While dating with nature, you will be able to recharge yourself and get back to your routine life. Why have a complicated relationship when you can have a romantic relationship with the nature? Let’s end this article with another quote from John Muir.

“In every walk with Nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”  

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Dec 31, 1969
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