Some are like stars, and others are like shadow...
Empowerment makes huge impact when we are with the true kind of friends.

The people or person we all need at different situations and times of life are friends or even just one true loyal friend. From the first day at playgroup and there on we hold on to our friends in good and bad times. Friends are a set of people who can either lift you bring you out of your shell and make you realize your worth or let you sink in the unhealthy habits you already have, demotivate you and work hard only on themselves to win the race of life alone. This often happens to people who are very honest and true to oneself and everyone around them, making them blinded in their friendships so much that they lose the ability to realize there's wickedness in the form of fake friends too. Some friends just stick around us to sip all the benefits right through us! Becoming a friend of a famous, popular individual to seek attention and take advantage from important figures at well-known establishments by being the sidekick with a self-centred attitude. Or just by showing to be a friend with a grade A student in order to pass out in exams with flying colors by cheating methods.


Influences by friends can leave prints in our minds and behaviour which clearly states our evolution or dysfunctional standards of living. These experiences with different types of friends can leaves us feeling on cloud or leave us with miserable memories that have sadly affected our own behaviour towards anyone we meet. All the good qualities we once had may have vanished due to facing some unpleasantness by the wrong number of friends.


Fake friends are like shadows during your brightest days. They will stick with you and leave during your darkest hours.


Some friends are like stars, though they can’t be physically there by your side, they will always be there through a chat or a long phone call just to give you some mental strength and support, and they only take time because you are one of their priorities and it's really nice to have friends as such. These types of friends are often our lucky charm. And these are the ones who can see our pain through the smiles we pretend to show.


I once had a very true and honest best friend. I would often look at her and feel she’s my sister from another mother as she was always behind me making sure I don’t get myself hurt by anyone, always instilling the importance of standing up on your own feet and the value of self-respect. It was my worst nightmare when I heard she’s no more one day. I couldn’t cry. I was almost lost with the power of our friendship and thought now this is not true someone is just fooling around. How much I wanted it to be a lie it wasn’t. When I visited her grave, I broke down realizing I lost one very irreplaceable person in my life. She was the only true friend of mine. I haven't been able to connect with any other friend the way I did with her. I still miss her a lot and knowing I won’t be seeing her ever again leaves me depressed on days when I really need a true friend not to use her sympathy and care but to feel reassured by her kind gesture and words that all will fall in place.


I have recently met some new friends. We are all mums and from the first meeting all of us linked so well. It’s going to be a year to this wonderful friendship and I only see positive feedback. Back and forth thrown at each other to fix whatever upsetting scene any one of us are in. We don’t insult, we make fun of each other’s looks, we don’t treat anyone differently. We made it a point to see each one with on equal terms. Our group has brought a new kind of energy within ourselves that we only strive to see the true person, heal a breaking heart and encourage a new start. Empowerment is a big word and it makes huge impact when we are with the true kind of friends.

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Dec 31, 1969
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