A Big Database. About DB Advisors
So in future I see a successful office with EI reporters all over the world.
  1. What changes would you like to see on the DB Advisors website?

I am thinking about commenting on peoples articles more often. I like to express my opinion and to give praise to people and encourage them in what they are doing. So I would like to see comments on articles for sure.


  1. What attracts you most at DB Advisors?

It seems that money is my motivation, but also I love to see how people breathe and think.


  1. What feature of DB Advisors do you almost never use?

I don't use the "buy" feature. I'm basically broke so any extra cost isn't what I can afford.


  1. What would you update on DB Advisors?

Update? I would change the design to the page, making it more welcoming, highlight the advantages of being where you are right now.


  1. In what direction should DB Advisors develop?

I see it in a more journalist direction, even though it is going there now, but I see it like an online reaction site which contains a bunch of emotions and reactions in one package.


  1. What would you to change in DB Advisors in the last place?

The last thing I would change is tournaments. I believe they motivate people to be active.


  1. Who could DB Advisors cooperate with?

I would say you should cooperate with any brand that needs advertising. This is a big DATABASE, which contains so much information that would be useful to many.


  1. What change on DB Advisors you didn't like the most? And what change did you like?

I look like such a petty soul with this one, but I really didn't like when the cuts were made. I like the tournaments. Some people really hit the nail on the head.


  1. Think of another name for DB Advisors

Another name? I've got so used to this one, but I am a person who loves simplicity. Not having any ideas, but DB would be effective.


  1. Why in DB Advisors tournaments women are more likely to win?

I think these women are often more capable of thinking on multiple levels than men. Like multitasking, it’s just a natural thing we were born with.


  1. What tournament would you like to see on DB Advisors?

I would like to see a tournament in the form of a test. Q and A about general knowledge, which would contain questions about all the cultures around the world.


  1. What's the most interesting thing about DB Advisors?

The most interesting thing about DB Advisors for me is definitely every day pools which expand my horizons every day.


  1. Would you like DB Advisors to develop locally, for example, in your country?

Umm, let's say my country isn't very developed and although many young people know English, more people don't know the language. So I would like to see this page in Croatian.


  1. How do you see DB Advisors in 5 years?

In this short time, I am with you, the costs of stocks went up by about 40%. So in future I see a successful office with EI reporters all over the world.


  1. How can you get the best income on DB Advisors?

If you have the time and the imagination, you can gain a lot from this page. But you have to be very dedicated. There is much potential.

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Dec 31, 1969
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