Music - The Rhythmic Drug
For every feeling and emotion, you go through, there is always a certain song that speaks to you and refreshes your soul.


The universal magnet that attracts us all. Yes! Music attracts and connects us with our daily emotions. The nostalgic feelings that rushes through the mind while listening to certain songs cannot be explained in words. This feeling is just astonishing. While some songs might make you cry, a river thinking of old memories or a lost lover and incomplete love story and the huge painful loss of one’s child by listening to a simple nursery rhyme could actually kill them inside. While some will almost make you burst with happiness and joy like firecrackers! Which is why I assume that music is a darn good trickster too! We all have different types of songs downloaded into our mobiles, laptops, tabs etc. But we mostly listen to only a few of them. It may be something similar we have gone through or something we wish we have or had in reality. It takes us on a mind ride to several memories sad and happy.


The power of music is unlimited; it is available in so many forms. When you feel sad you tend to listen to slow and depressing songs or instrumental tunes and when it’s your workout time you listen to songs that boosts up your energy levels and built up your confidence strong enough you start believing you got superpowers! During work or anytime you feel you want to increase your productivity the classic motivating and inspirational songs cross your mind. Taking our time to go enjoy a music concert of your most loved artist is one way we show how much we value our preferences in music.


Basically, for every feeling and emotion, you go through, there is always a certain song that speaks to you and refreshes your soul. Why we cling to music every day. It most certainly is the food for our soul. I listen to happy and motivating songs at least for 20 minutes every day to take my stress away and reduce my tiredness by house chores, kids work and my online work. This is like my ultimate happy pill as a mother. I got a handful to look after each passing day sometimes 24 hours isn't enough to finish up daily duties. During this breaking point of stress is where I turn on the tunes that makes me forget requirements needed by the family and focus properly on the to-do list after my break with a clear mind, it’s not that I seek to run away from my responsibilities. It’s more like renewing my inner self and creating a positive mind set to cop up with life’s hardships. During bedtime, I put my kids to bed and sing to them about 5 to 6 different nursery rhymes. From this I have clearly noticed that even kids tend to ease their minds and relax their bodies to their favourite music.


Music is like a journey, it takes us to places within seconds it can bring back the sweet memories we once cherished, also music can easily sugar-coat our temporary troubles by its rhythmic beats. Most of us treat music as our counsellor or healer to go to after bearing tremendous levels of hurt, betrayal, distrust caused to us by our very own people. People whom we give everything. And sometimes it leaves us deserted feeling empty within ourselves. When situations as such arise we tend to go out and live a little. No matter if it’s a restaurant or a carnival or even inside a shopping mall music is everywhere! It’s an important factor as it sets the mood to engage ourselves where we are at that time. Even if your heart is broken sometimes certain songs can lighten your weary heart, speak to you with its joyful lyrics and skip sadness for some time. These melodic notes almost get sucked into our minds. Hence, there's no escape from a catchy song or an appealing instrumental tune.


Music has such power that it can communicate to us through our own ways, built our confidence to get back to normal and go forward and say ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ just like how one of the most famous music legends Bob Marley sung out this to the whole world!

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Dec 31, 1969
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