Money, Money, Money…
Let’s dive into the money topic once again.

Question Analysis for March 13


The questions that grabbed my attention in yesterday’s survey were the ones about winning the lottery, becoming a millionaire, having a business with a friend and ways of becoming rich, so let’s dive into the money topic once again.


  1. If you had won a small amount in the lottery, you would have bought:

OK, I decided to answer this question from the majority’s point of view, which I admit I don’t always do, especially when I’m not part of a tournament. So, I voted for “something useful for home”. It got 72.09% of all the votes and became the winner, indeed.

However, I’d rather treat family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues to something sweet. That’s what I chose to do when I went to work at a much better place back in 2004. It felt like winning a small amount in the lottery at that time. So, even though it wasn’t a money-related reward, I treated the colleagues I was parting ways with to some sweets. I was just so happy I won’t see their faces again haha. The same idea doesn’t apply to friends and family, though. I treat them sweet for different reasons.


  1. There are more chances to become rich:

In my opinion, the lawyers of the politicians have the best chances of getting rich by their profession. Politicians are too much in the public eye and they need lawyers, especially if they become rich during their so-called service to the society. So, my vote went to “lawyer”, but it got to the 3rd place with 10.71% support. The majority (71.88%) gave preference to “politician”.


  1. You are a millionaire:

Strangely enough, 2 of the listed options suggested that “you show this fact to those who did not believe in you” (14.54%) and “those who laughed at you” (5.82%), and “you do not relax” (19.46%) just beyond me.

Why??? No, really, why would I want to show it to such people? I have nothing to prove to them, or even to myself. I’ll be too busy “enjoying my position”. 60.18% of the Advisors support the same vision.


  1. You will invest your millions:

I knew the majority would choose “in real estate”, we had answered such a question before. And indeed they did – 60.09% of the votes went to this option. 19.06% chose “in shares and other securities”.

I, on the other hand, know that real estate is not what it used to be, and there are also other much more lucrative options for investment. So, I voted “where the financial analyst advises to invest in” (17.71%). It’s good to listen to professionals.


  1. A business with a friend:

It’s the best type of business, but since almost all the options suggested it’s a bad idea, I had to pick up “look for a partner who can become your friend”. And, of course, this option won – 58.71%.


  1. A way to make big money:

Most of the participants voted for “to work a lot” – 40%. What a misconception! In Bulgarian, we have a saying “You become humpy from work, not rich”.

32.89% bet on “to risk”. Well, yeah, a risk is involved in making big money, but it shouldn’t be a 50/50 situation. Hence, I chose to vote for “to be well-informed” (20.89%). That’s what reduces the risk significantly. Information is the best currency and can bring a pretty good ROI (return on investment) nowadays.

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