Why are we humans?
I don't want to challenge the Nature's Beauty.
  1. You caught a goldfish. You are granted three wishes. What will you wish for?
           If I caught a goldfish, then my three wishes are:
             1. Peace for World
             2. Humanity for all people
             3. End of Poverty
    2.       Would you like to be friends with your doppelganger? Why?
             I wouldn’t like to be friends with my doppelganger because my doppelganger is a ghost, which is invisible to me.
    3.       Do you consider yourself an example to follow? Why?
             At this time I can’t consider myself an example.
    4.       What do you lack the courage for?
             Emotional sense with my family and their respect.
    5.       They say that you should try everything in life. Is there anything you would never try?
             Yes, I had never tried to cheat on others.
    6.       What would you spend the last day of your life on?
             I will spend the last day of life with my children and parents.
    7.       How do you see your old age?
            I think I will do so more enjoyable things at my old age.
    8.       Do you have enemies? Why?
            Yes, I have some enemies because I always follow truth and quarrel for truth. 
    9.       Can you let yourself cry in public?
            I can't cry in public because I respect my self-respect.
    10.   Have you ever met a perfect person?
            I had met some perfect persons. They are perfect in some circumstances.
    11.   How do you take criticism?
           I take it very seriously because criticism will show me the right way.  
    12.   If you had a chance to change your gender for one day, will you use this opportunity?
            I don't want to take that opportunity because I don't want to challenge the Nature's Beauty. 
    13.   If you had a chance to gain superpowers, which one would you choose?
            I don't want to gain any superpowers because Superpower is only fiction. I don't believe in Superpowers.
    14.   Please, share one of the best moments of your life.
           Before today my best moment is that when I topped bachelor degree in business studies without any tuition.
    15.   What question would you like to answer, but they never asked you?
            What is the importance of consciousness? Why are we humans?  

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